Meet Creative Analysis
Passionate about finding the best business solutions
What We Do

1. To design and implement a CRM system that will make your business even more successful.

2. Give you reports and analytics at your fingertips so that you know instantly how your business is performing, and what the key insights are.

How We Do It

1. We listen to you.

2. We understand your business processes and needs.

3. We build you a POWER STATION – we map those needs and requirements to develop the right CRM system to drive your business forward.

4. We build the system and show you exactly how to use it in simple steps and plain English.

5. We set up the reports for you and identify the key measurements that you can track to drive your business.

6. CATEGORIES ARE KING – this is the golden rule. We use the right categories from the start so that you will have insights about how your business performs. You will then be able to focus your resources in the most effective way.

Our N'Office
90 New North Road, Edgerton, Huddersfield, HD1 5NE
+44 (0) 1484 307066
Why Choose PowerPack CRM?

We build CRM systems with analytics in mind; we are experts in data mining and uncovering key insights. This expertise means that we can design CRM systems that have an impact. All of our systems are designed with the end product in mind – your business reports and analytics.

Paula Atherill
Systems Strategist & Director

My mantra is “how can we find a better way”, I’m always looking for ways to improve, streamline, optimise and get smarter. Yes, I love technology but I love it because it allows us to do this. It also releases us from the mundane things that can be done without our input or effort.

Mel Constantinou
Account Manager

Not only do I think outside the box, I live outside it. I left the UK in 2007 to embark on a world tour and have only recently set up home in Southwest France. I built my first Zoho Creator app on a 10″ notebook, on the terrace of a house we were looking after in Australia, and have developed it from a 200 line Google sheet to over 18000 records that now run the business from quote to invoice.

Michelle Veasey
Digital Strategist

I am a digital strategy project manager. I can help improve your organisation, and identify and develop new ways of working by getting under its skin and challenging the status-quo. I can do this by facilitating workshops and training teams in the practical application of digital products.

Susanne Mills
Process Mapping & Trainer

My passion is helping individuals and businesses thrive by supporting them to allow them to spend as much time as possible in their areas of expertise. I perform Business Process Mapping to streamline your workflow and increase productivity.

Will Marshall
Technical Analyst

I am the technical specialist in the team. I focus on cleansing your data and getting it ready to go into your system so you can get the most from it.
I specialise in Zoho products and working with Paula, Gina and Mel – we create the system that gives you freedom.

Dee Farrell
Systems Strategist & Director

am a results driven coach. I have an abiding passion and curiosity about people and business, honed through years of commercial experience. Being a quick study of people, situations and concepts means facilitating decision-making and action plans comes naturally to me. I’ve run limited companies and worked in a wide variety of industries, and enjoy the challenge and interest of everything from software development to fashion.

Our Charitable Causes

Creative Youth

Paula is is passionate about helping young people to gain skills outside of education, find new opportunities, learn digital tools and technologies and bridge the gap between young people and employers.

Youth Routes

Youth Routes is an organisation that is focused on helping young people to discover their talents, believe in themselves and develop to their full potential.

This involves many things from building business skills, encouraging voluntary work, providing music performance opportunities, personal development and life skills.

Youth Routes run music festivals involving young people in all aspects of the festival: planning, organising, advertising, enterprise, performing and reporting on the event.

To find out more visit the Youth Routes website: