From Filofax to Freedom Pt4 – Slow Down To Speed Up


You might have heard a saying that refers to the length of time given to chop down a tree and how much of that time would be spent on sharpening the axe, the next stage of my CRM journey reminds me a little of that.


Paula had mentioned to me a Data Dictionary and once my contacts were all in one place we were able to begin work on categorisation and building the Data Dictionary.


Now, I am a little anal once I get going with data and so when I had been logging all my contacts I had naturally begun to categorise them anyway, things like where I’d met them, what type of contact they were (eg. client/networking/lead), what type of business etc.

Screenshot 2015-12-07 13.25.36

This got me a few brownie points with Paula!


The reason she was pleased is that the Data Dictionary is basically an extension of that, categorising all of the contacts so that they can be sorted into buckets by the system. If you have never done this before (ie. thought about categorising your contacts) don’t worry, Paula has a template dictionary that she works through with you, you can tweak it so that it suits your business and your contacts.


At this point we also discussed the types of services I offer, what products I sell and what type of business I had done with clients so far. We also had a little look at different stages of the buying process such as qualification, reviewing requirements, quoting etc
This was really useful, and a little challenging!People Cooperation Plan Vision Development Guideline Strategetic

Useful because it reminded me of so many connections that I hadn’t really thought about since meeting them – it refreshed my memory as to what value I could bring them or they me.
Challenging because it really made me think about the services and products I offer, it made me sit up and think clearly.

What do I actually want to offer?!

The segmentation (another word for categorising) also enabled me to begin thinking about future campaigns (for me campaigns could just be sharing top tips or good news stories), it also got me thinking about who I could share upcoming workshops with.

All in all, spending some time organising the data with Creative Analysis felt like slowing down in order to speed my business growth up. Nice.

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