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As Zoho CRM Advanced Partners we can advise on the best combination of Zoho products to enable you to streamline your business and reduce overall costs. Our Zoho CRM Consultancy Services allows you to choose, setup and customise these products to meet the exact needs of your business. Including making the most out of Zoho One.

Zoho CRM Consultants
Structure your leads, prospects, clients & suppliers all in one place. Track your customer interactions and get the whole team on the same page.
Sales Pipeline Design
We’ll work with you to create a Zoho CRM blueprint to automate your sales process, ensuring compliance and increasing consistency across your entire team.
Zoho Analytics Consultancy
Our team create dynamic dashboards in Zoho Analytics using data from across your business to allow you to see how your business performs from every angle.
What we do

We work with you to design a Zoho system that will grow your business by focusing on two specific areas. Firstly, we look at how you position yourself and reach your ideal customers. Then we identify how Zoho’s systems and technology will underpin this strategy to create business freedom.

UK Based Zoho Consultancy

Zoho One

Your All in One System for the single owner business. A powerful CRM system that includes  over 40 vital tools; exchange email account, email marketing, web forms, quotes and invoicing. Will will help you select the best tools for your business and implement them with you.

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Zoho Finance Suite

A range of applications to manage your accounts, inventory, checkout process, expenses and invoicing. Zoho’s modern cloud based architecture allows you to access your accounts from anywhere using any browser or via the mobile application.

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Zoho CRM Training

We provide a range of both online and in-person Zoho Training so that you can learn and become the expert. Delivered by our experts we will ensure your team are empowered to use their new system with confidence. Read more about our training packages here.

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Zoho Desk Setup

Automate your customer support with our Zoho Desk consultany and setup service . Monitor multiple support channels using one integrated system. With low agent fees and multiple channels you can ensure your support team  have all the tools they need at their fingertips.

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Zoho Survey Consultancy

Automate customer feedback at different stages of your sales journey, collect a variety of different customer feedback and screen leads using pre-sales questionnaires. Zoho Survey gives you the power to know how your customers think and feel, giving you the knowledge to react to their needs.

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Zoho SalesIQ

Track your potential customers through your website, scoring their journey to help your sales team target the right leads to increase sales conversion. Integrate Zoho CRM with Google Adwords to enhance your leads with cost of acquisition allowing to to calculate the actual ROI of your web traffic.

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Creative Analysis will help you optimise your CRM system to streamline your sales process & lead management using a fast and reliable cloud based CRM system suitable for the size of your business.

Want to know more? Read our case studies

Natasha McCreesh

Pip To Grow Strong

“A key goal when starting my business was that it could move anywhere with me,
creating a CRM using Creative Analysis and Zoho has accelerated me towards that goal”

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Phil Kennedy

The Real Cider Company

“We have a systematic and coordinated approach that is used by all staff. We are now able to measure performance and sales data using Zoho CRM reports”

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Dee Farrell

Videopage Ltd.

“Zoho CRM gives us the control we needed. Automating emails, lead processing and scoring makes things so much easier!”

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Andrew Thirkill

Professional Document Management

“Using Zoho we now have a systematic and coordinated approach that is used by all staff. We are now able to measure performance and sales data”

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Dom Wint

Clean Page Design Ltd.

“Creative Analysis’s CRM makes communicating with clients easy and I now have access to alerts at my fingertips!”

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