Our Story.
Passionate about finding the best business solutions
It Is Important To Us...

To leave a positive impact on the world, people, each other and businesses.

Our shared aim is to be authentic, living and breathing our personal principles and ethics in our work and using collaboration and collective excellence to co-create solutions that lead to increased business efficiency and happier teams.

How We Work

We are going to bold here and tell you we are very different to other businesses you know and work with.

Here’s why.

  1. We leave a positive impact.
  2. We have a flat structure. There are no managers or hierarchy in our business. We share returns from the business in line with our contributions.
  3. We self-manage.
  4. We bring all of who we are to work. This is fundamental to us.
  5. We see our business as having a life and a sense of direction of its own. Instead of trying to predict and control the future, we invite each other to listen and understand what the organisation wants to become and what purpose it wants to serve.
  6. If someone has an idea, they can make it happen.
  7. We avoid unnecessary administration or bureaucracy.
  8. We run a remote business and our ambition is for it to remain as a remote business.
  9. We support, challenge and inspire each other every single day.
  10. We speak our truth, we are straightforward (yet respectful) and we always admit our mistakes.
  11. We are continuously learning. We pursue the growth of the business, we constantly improve our services and we prioritise our own personal growth as individuals.
  12. We have a clear conflict resolution strategy in place for those times when we have differences in opinions.

We operate as a Teal business. When you work with us, you will see the difference in how we operate as a business.

This way of working is so important to us all.

To find out more about Teal and why it means so much to us, click here.

The Benefits of Working With Us
  • We are UK based Zoho Partners. This means we provide complete consultancy, training and customisation services on over 20 Zoho applications in the UK
  • Our team are all native English speaking
  • We’re working at the times you are
  • We talk your language
  • We understand UK laws & legislation
How We Work With Associates

Whether we are working with clients, freelancers, other Zoho Partners and consultants or Zoho directly, you can expect the exact same standards and ways of working as described above. We always ensure we are available to support our associates.


We are based in the UK, with most of the team located in Yorkshire. English is our first language. Yorkshire our second! The company was born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. In 2019 we embraced remote working and began operating as a Teal business. We haven’t looked back!


November 2019

Restructure of Creative Analysis

This was born from a collective desire to become a self -managed team. We want to demonstrate the Teal model is an alternative way of working for the modern business age