Meet Creative Analysis
Passionate about finding the best business solutions
What We Do

1. We design and implement systems that will make your business even more successful.

2. We create reports and dashboards so that you have essential information at your fingertips. You know instantly how your business is performing, and what the key insights are.

3. We integrate online applications so that you significantly save time by not having to manually copy information between different applications.

How We Do It

1. We listen to you.

2. We understand your business processes and needs.

3. We build you a system by mapping those needs and requirements to develop the right CRM system to drive your business forward.

4. We build the system and show you exactly how to use it in simple steps and plain English.

5. We set up the reports for you and identify the key measurements that you can track to drive your business.

6. CATEGORIES ARE KING – this is the golden rule. We use the right categories from the start so that you will have insights about how your business performs. You will then be able to focus your resources in the most effective way.

90 New North Road, Edgerton, Huddersfield, HD1 5NE
+44 (0) 1484 307066
Why choose us to build your Zoho system?

We build CRM systems with analytics in mind; we are experts in data mining and uncovering key insights.

This expertise means that we can design CRM systems that have an impact.

All of our systems are designed with the end product in mind – your business reports and analytics.

Paula Atherill
Systems Strategist & Director

My mantra is “how can we find a better way”, I’m always looking for ways to improve, streamline, optimise and get smarter. Yes, I love technology but I love it because it allows us to do this. It also releases us from the mundane things that can be done without our input or effort.

Jack Naylor
Lead Developer

I am a keen developer with expertise in WordPress, PHP, Zoho Creator, Deluge, API integrations and much more. I specialise in getting all of your apps to work together so that you have one platform for your business to run on.

Susanne Mills
Process Mapping & Trainer

My passion is helping individuals and businesses thrive by supporting them to allow them to spend as much time as possible in their areas of expertise. I perform Business Process Mapping to streamline your workflow and increase productivity.

Will Marshall
Technical Analyst

I am the technical specialist in the team. I focus on cleansing your data and getting it ready to go into your system so you can get the most from it. I specialise in Zoho applications: Mail, CRM, Campaigns, Surveys and more!

Dee Farrell
Business Mentor and Strategist

I am a results driven coach. I have an abiding passion and curiosity about people and business, honed through years of commercial experience. Being a quick study of people, situations and concepts means facilitating decision-making and action plans comes naturally to me.

Our Charitable Causes

Our Causes

Creative Analysis actively supports and works with several causes. We believe in supporting a healthy environment that respects wildlife, nature and the oceans. We are keen supporters of animal conservation. These are the charities and causes that we support directly:

  • Yorkshire Wildlife
  • Woodlands Trust
  • Invisible Traffick
  • Conversations For Change

Paula is an core member of Conversations for Change team.

The shared vision is: “We want the world to be a better place, for us, and for those that come after us. We seek to support a proper balance between creation and destruction to maintain harmony in this world. We seek a balance between what is right or necessary for individual identity and needs, and what is right for the broader group, or for humanity as a whole.

Active Campaigns

Paula is also passionate about elephant conservation and stopping the ivory trade.

In July 2018 Paula is canoeing down the Zambezi River to raise funds to educate the children in the local community. £1,500 funds one child’s education for three years. This education will involve reconnecting the community with their local wildlife and learning how important it is to protect their wildlife for the whole ecosystem.

Read more about this on our Giving Back page: CLICK HERE

Donations are very welcome, from businesses or individuals on this giving site:

Paula is donating 50% of selected new CRM developments to this cause. If you want to be considered for this as a business then please contact Paula on