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We are thrilled to announce that we have launched academy, an all-in-one engagement training platform dedicated to the learning needs of your internal community. academy hosts recorded courses, online learning content, and live lessons.

We can provide detailed analytics on engagement feedback and learner progress. Teams can access their learning portfolios anywhere, anytime, and always know where to find the learning they need to complete.


Supporting strategic change initiatives. Engaging humans across the system is key and rewarding. At Creative Analysis, we use design thinking to put you and your team at the centre of system design, resulting in successful digital change implementation and adoption that, in turn, leads to a more significant, lasting impact felt far beyond the fiscal gains. 

Our bespoke systems training is fundamental to successful implementation, adoption, and continuous improvement. Tailored to your organisation’s needs, our training is developed alongside the system’s design. With your teams, for your teams.

Expert Services.
We create customised training programs that cater to the unique needs of your teams, improve training outcomes and boost employee productivity and engagement. We can deliver practical Zoho systems training programs to existing Zoho users and ensure that employees can access the resources needed to continue learning.

I am genuinely excited to work with clients on their digital transformation projects and support them through awareness building to adopt your digital change initiative successfully – no matter how big or small.

We start conversations about engagement and training strategies early in our programme delivery, so we are sure to account for and accommodate the diversity of people and their needs. We provide clients with an overview of the engagement and training delivery programme, clearly outlining what is provided as part of our transformation package.

Spreading change throughout an organisation's culture...
These are some of the Engagement events that we provide as part of our programme delivery: 
  • Engagement Strategy. Planning support workshop for leaders of digital change initiatives.
  • Engagement Consultation. Ongoing advice and guidance from awareness to adoption.
  • Agents of Change. Identify your internal Visionaries and suggest engagement activities to leverage this group's power to effect positive change.
  • Project Hub or Participant Comms. We can support the set-up and ongoing management of key engagement and training delivery elements essential for the successful roll-out of your digital transformation project.
  • Listening Groups. Awareness & Desire. Active listening with segments of the organisation.
  • Surveys + Pulse Checks. Knowledge & Ability. Supporting change by giving employees a voice will enable change leaders to act confidently on insights.
  • Engagement Tools. Reinforcement activities. We continuously try and test the best tools for leaders of change to use throughout the project lifecycle to enhance their engagement practices.
Let’s have a conversation. We can talk about Trainer Central, too.
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