Automation tips and tricks

Letting the technology get out of the way

The best systems save you time and eliminate bottlenecks in your workflow through automation. They do this by pulling all of your tools together.

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Your CRM gives you an instant overview of your pipeline based on the information you have entered into it. But by linking it to your email, it can start automatically pulling in information to give you an even more accurate picture. Your collaboration platform makes it easy for your team to communicate, but it gets really useful when you integrate it with your project tasks and file management systems.

You can even attach your document management platform to your accounting platform and your CRM, which will let you create invoices in seconds, pre-filled with your client details. The possibilities are endless once you start integrating your tools!

It takes effort to maintain a good system, but there’s always a reward. Save documents to an online folder to be able to access them from anywhere. Set up access permissions and never send email attachments again. Replace hours filing with tagging and filters, and all the information in your system automatically sorts itself. It really works.

business cards, Automation, Tips And Tricks, Integrated Systems

Automation leads to business freedom

Once you have the basics of an integrated system in place, there are plenty of tools to give you even more business freedom through automation:

Zoho lets you use your phone to scan business cards into your CRM. Expensify lets your team scan receipts to submit instant expense reports. PandaDoc pulls info from your client data to allow you to create pre-filled contracts. TextExpander can save text templates to keyboard shortcuts on all of your devices. There are loads more!

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