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We’re now Reseller partners of the innovative integrated time-saver system and are listed as such on their website!
Aimed primarily at recruiters, LinkMatch enables the marriage of your CRM system and LinkedIn, seamlessly bridging the gap between the two saving you up to two hours a day and cutting out menial and mundane manual copying and pasting.

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What is LinkMatch?

In a nutshell, it is a Google Chrome extension you can add to your browser that lets you know which candidates you find on LinkedIn are already in your CRM or database. If they are already in your CRM or database, a tick in a small green circle will appear next to the candidate’s name on LinkedIn once you have installed the correct version of the LinkMatch Google Chrome extension for your type of database or CRM. For example, LinkMatch for Zoho CRM. LinkMatch have many integration partners including Zoho CRM (hence why we’re such big fans!)

After you’ve selected the right LinkMatch Google Chrome extension and added it to your browser, a tick in a small green circle will appear in the top right corner of your browser. All you have to do then is simply right click the tick in the small green circle icon, click ‘options’ and login to your CRM or database with your usual login details. Refresh your LinkedIn page and you should see green ticks or crosses in small red circles next to the names of candidates on LinkedIn who are either in your CRM already or not.

LinkMatch Benefits

The beauty of LinkMatch is that it saves you valuable time as you no longer have to copy and paste details across from LinkedIn to your CRM or database. What makes it even more efficient is, if you click on the green circle with the tick next to the candidate’s name on LinkedIn, a pop-up window will appear that holds all the same fields that are available for a contact in your CRM or database. They can be updated or changed on LinkedIn with the LinkMatch Google Extension. All you have to do is hit ‘save changes’ button and the changes will be applied to your CRM or database without you having to manually login to you CRM or database to make the updates. Neat huh?

This is why we love integrated systems. With more time on your hands you you’re one step closer to making your business vision a reality and embracing business freedom! Other reported benefits include recruiters gaining twice as many connections on LinkedIn a day and a cool 30%  increase in annual billing. More clients and placements equals a happier you!

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