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Automate customer interactions, generate Leads 24/7 and gather online appointments automatically and sync them to services like Zoho CRM and Calendly

How Zoho Chatbots Work

A brief guide

Zoho SalesIQ webchat allows your website visitors to engage with your business agents. For example you might want to ask your potential leads a few questions before saving their details into your CRM.

Do you have a pre-sale questionnaire which is currently undertaken by a sales team over the phone? Zoho webchat can help free up their time by allowing one agent to handle multiple enquiries at once. Collecting the user’s personal details first, followed by the questionnaire you can ensure you never miss a lead who doesn’t complete the whole process.

Zoho SalesIQ is a visitor/lead analytics and engagement tool. It allows your business to track users of your website, identify prospects and their activities on your website. It allows you to engage with them over live chat and audio calls to close deals. All this data can be pushed into Zoho CRM, Desk and Campaigns automatically to allow you to analyse this activity.

Combining this with Zoho CRM webforms and a Google Adwords integration you can record the cost of acquisition directly from Google Adword account into your lead records.

Zoho Chatbot Features

What can ChatBots do for you?
Collect Leads From Your Website
Automatically collect leads from visitors on your website, ask relevant questions and save their responses directly into your CRM system.
Ask Sales Questions
Ask your visitors pre-sale questions to help collect details from only relevant leads streamlining your sales pipeline and improving lead quality.
Notifications by Email and Cliq
Send details of the conversion by email to your sales team or alert them using Cliq messenger.
Allow visitors to complete multiple tasks
Allow visitors to join your mailing list, conduct surveys, request a callback or enquire about a service your business provides.
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We Can Help You Design Your Chatbot

Lead Collection Chatbots
Once your visitors reach a set visit time our Chatbot will automatically engage with them, asking if they would like do something specific such as leaving their details or arranging a call back.
Bespoke Chatbot Design
As well as providing lead generation solutions we can also work with your team to create a bespoke Chatbot which provides a range of tasks for your visitors to complete. For example adding their email address to your mailing list, requesting documents by post, completing survey questions etc.
Zoho CRM Integration
Collect your visitors details in your Zoho CRM system, adding them directly into your pipeline ready for follow up. We can also provide a range of notifications allowing you to keep your team informed.
Chatbots working together with Live Agents
Our Chatbots are intelligent enough to recognise based on your criteria, when you want to redirect your visitor to a live agent. The criteria for this decision is based on answers given by the visitor. For example, if the person just wants to receive a brochure or pricing list the Chatbot can provide this. If the visitor requires something more complex our Chatbot can redirect the visitor to a live agent at that point.

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