Are you Zoho or Zoho Sales Reps?
No, we are not. We do not have ‘sales conversations’. We are genuinely passionate about helping clients to find a better way of working, saving time and money by co-designing systems solutions with them and their teams. We take a human-centred approach using the design thinking framework for our end-to-end service delivery collaboratively and conscientiously. We start with change readiness to assess early indicators for implementation and adoption success [capacity, commitment, culture] and action plan to close readiness gaps. We will only take on projects with clients whose organisations are ready for the proposed change. We need to impact the world positively, people, each other and businesses. We will not convince you to invest in anything that we don’t believe will positively impact you and your organisation.
We need a solution, not a product. Can you help?
Yes. We start with an idea of the bigger picture and return to where the need is today. We approach every project with rigour, using design thinking methodology to empathise, define, ideate, prototype and test solutions before building and implementing. We explore the depth and breadth of an organisation, business strategy and the existing systems and processes through the humans that use them. We co-design workshops with you ensuring alignment on objectives and outcomes. We measure impact. Foundational to our methodology here at Creative Analysis is demonstrating a positive impact, sensing and responding to growth potential with fluid scale-ability. Impact is a key measurable for clients we work with.
How do you bring all the necessary elements together?
We collaborate. We listen deeply. Using live, collaborative visual process mapping, we journey through your organisation with those who live and breathe your systems daily and capture their thoughts on improvement potential and pain points. We are experts and creative. A simple, effortless system or process design requires careful consideration and clever articulation. Our team combines industry experts in data, analytics, reporting, systems, coding, training and innovation. CA have worked with hundreds organisations to deliver successful digital transformations; our experience, ecosystem, and ethos give us the edge in bringing all the necessary elements together for our clients.
How are you catalysts for implementation and adoption success?
We put much focus on these two critical elements. First and foremost, we leverage the change readiness data, assessing if an organisation is ready for the planned change. Any gaps that may impact implementation and adoption are mitigated beforehand. The organisation-wide change readiness survey is an ideal way to study the framework for the necessary engagement with staff across the business, leading to greater chances of adoption of change. If there isn’t an engagement strategy within your organisation, we can help. Thanks to our innate knowledge of systems adoption theory and working experience in change management, we offer a service to bespoke an engagement and training plan tailored to your organisation. The earlier this is done, the better. We make it real in your world. Our bespoke systems training is fundamental to adoption, embedding and continuous improvement. Tailored to your organisation’s needs, our training is developed alongside the design and implementation of the system. With your teams, for your teams. Our aftercare services include a named contact, priority support and access to the expertise of our team.
Talk to me about being a trusted advisor and Premium Zoho Partner.
We are a Premium Zoho Partner with nearly ten years of Zoho systems experience in the UK. Creative Analysis founder Paula Atherill collaborated with other Zoho Partners on larger projects in May 2013 and was awarded Advanced Zoho Partnership twelve months later. Paula then co-organised and presented at the first UK Zoholics, the annual user conference, in May 2015. Since then, the CA team has grown in numbers and expertise, and the relationship with key Zoho teams has also flourished and strengthened. Our clients return to us to continue their digital transformations as their need to scale and pivot flexes to their strategic objectives. We are continuously learning. We pursue our business’s growth, constantly improve our services, and prioritise our personal growth as individuals. Read more in our client case studies.

Tell us what you want and need your systems to do.

Our expert consultancy service will make sure you are digital change ready, map out your existing processes and advise you on the setup and customisation of Zoho One, CRM Plus or independent Zoho applications to meet the exact requirements of your people, business and strategic objectives.

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