From Filofax to Freedom Pt3 – The Nitty Gritty


Ok, spoiler alert, it all gets a bit tech nerdy at this point! It also got a little tough going, don’t let that put you off though, it is all necessary, as shall be revealed……..

So if you read my first blog you will have seen the picture of the stacks of business cards and also my Filofax. This was (is) my CRM, but my vision had now become crystal clear, have everything in one place, be focused and considered with my data, simple. Well kind of!10708533_10153473142872949_1268198294737739043_o


The next stage of the process with Creative Analysis was in two parts, firstly transfer of email to new email server and secondly data provision.


The first part I had mixed feelings about, I was actually reasonably well set up on email, I had a business email address (plus a couple of others for other business interests and personal) and everything came into macmail. Shifting to another server created change I wasn’t sure I needed, it would mean logging into somewhere else to get my mail.

I had to change my thinking here, the reality is that this is one part of a much bigger picture, so just go with it. Something that occurred to me about the email is that if you have set up your business email on a gmail account this is a way to get you looking far more professional in one step – a ‘real’ business email address.

On a practical note the switch was super smooth, even the transfer of all of my email contacts from macmail to zoho, the team at Creative Analysis guided me through exactly what was needed, and did everything for me, keeping me informed each step of the way.

The second part, data provision, was a big learning for me. See that stack of business cards, I had to get them onto an excel spreadsheet, huge gulp!

Lesson for you; if you are a card hoarder, don’t be! Get those cards on a spreadsheet as you get them.

Financial Planning Accounting Report Spreadsheet Concept

Paula shared a template that showed the information needed and I could have had them put onto a spreadsheet for me at a cost, there is also a snazzy scanning tool, but I decided to do it myself so that I could reconnect mentally with the 200+ connections on the cards, perhaps I also felt a touch of masochism necessary to learn my lesson!


It was a long process for me, delayed us a bit, however I did find it useful to recap on everyone I had met in the 18 months since starting my business.

I also discovered that reviewing my connections would serve me well for the next stage of the process, mapping.


To be continued……….


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