Goal Grin: How Integrated Systems Mean You Always Rock Yours

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Goal Grin: Can be brought about by streamlined integrated systems.


If you were ever sporty you’d know the pleasing power of utter contentment when that football you kicked smashed into the net or that basket ball you strategically threw soared through the hoop, gliding into the basket. If you were ever musical or into acting you’d know the blissful feeling of fulfilment at performing a masterpiece in front of a cheering crowd. As a parent you probably relive this amazing, adrenaline high of accomplishment as your children achieve and thrive.

You don’t need me to tell you that everyone’s aims and dreams are different and success is interpreted in different ways by each individual. It’s personal, based on our own experiences and expectations of ourselves and capabilities. Our goals also change as we grow. But one thing everyone has in common when they complete a project, beat their personal best or follow through with a grand plan is that they will be sporting their Goal Grin. The guaranteed result of the sweet satisfaction that ensues after achieving their goals  and the evidence that they have all overcome a challenge is that they’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

Fulfilling business goals- the long term ambitions you daydream about making a reality and have harboured for a long time- bring about the same Goal Grin. But how often do we not feel like we’re inching even a minuscule amount closer to completing our goals and feeling our mouth burst into that Goal Grin? How often do long term business plans and our vision of the ‘bigger picture’ get put on the back burner because we’re too tied up and busy dealing with the day-to-day practical business of our business?

The answer is probably quite frequently, given the hectic nature of our lives and demand technology and  the generally accepted 24/7 working lifestyle we’ve all adopted. But here’s where integrated systems, such as CRMs (Customer Relationship Management systems) come in.

goal, business success, achievement
Business goals: Have more time and energy to focus on your long term business goals.


With all your customer data, contacts, calendars, tasks, leads, invoices, accounts and more incorporated into one streamlined system, your CRM becomes the secure and reliable nerve centre and back bone of your business- a fusion of organisation, accessibility, and productivity. Sound too good to be true?

Consider this: Say your long term business goal is to move your company from your spare bedroom into a small studio office. With Zoho integrated systems you could set yourself tasks to nudge you to go and view certain venues- marking the dates for the viewings in the integrated calendar. You could set yourself notifications for further prompting. Whilst at the viewings, if one of your colleagues can’t make it, you could send them photos of the potential premises and attach it to a message or comment on Zoho Connect, open for all the team to see. Due to Zoho Connect being available in app form, your whole team will see the photos and notifications of any tasks instructing them to follow up and do more research on a certain property, directly on their smartphones, even if they’re working location independently.

Emailing only a select few people in your database of contacts whom you think might be able to help you with your property search can be easily done via Zoho Mail– also integrated into the Zoho system. If you needed to check what your company’s budget was before committing and saying ‘yes’ to a new office, your business finances are easily located in your Zoho Accounts… which are – you guessed it – integrated into your CRM!

But you get the picture. Yes achieving our goals takes creativity, motivation, time and effort, but getting things ‘in order,’ such as making the daily running of your business and your company’s routine, policies and practices simpler and more organised is a huge long-term timesaver and gives you a big helping hand, and head start.

accomplishment, business growth, business goals
The sky’s the limit: When the day-to-day running of your business is smoother your Goal Grin is wider.


So whether it’s hiring more staff, getting more loyal clients on board or branching out into a different service line, your large scale business ambitions- and that Goal Grin- isn’t as out of reach as you might think. Go on, take the first step to making your business vision happen, set up your integrated system and feel that Goal Grin and your business begin to grow.

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