Jack Naylor
Technical Director
When Will You Meet Jack?

You will meet me during the requirements meeting (if your needs are complex) where we will talk to you about the overview of your project. I discuss the tools in the Zoho Suite that would be most appropriate for you and help make the decision about licensing models. Next, in the design session I will talk about the data dictionary, how modules fit together and explore integrations with outside tools.

I lead the development and build of your system. This includes the basic set up, coding the scripts and building all the technical side of the system such as blueprints, email templates. I get it up and running ready for you to dive in!

What do you love the most about Creative Analysis?

I love the variety of my work. Every single project has something different. Zoho One has over 40 products and as a result of that there is no ‘typical set up’. Every client’s needs are different. I thrive when I have the puzzle of working out the requirements and what is actually needed. Then the building of that and making all that work together I find really rewarding. Seeing people happy makes me happy.

When there are new applications and features available in Zoho, I love seeing the potential for those and how that could impact on money, time, energy for our existing clients.

Working in a Teal business is fairly new to me. The traditional business model didn’t work for me. In Creative Analysis we have a flat structure of working together which is so much fairer. Everyone is rewarded for what they do and on an even playing field. I love that there are no fixed ways of doing things and flexibility is key to me. We are able to respond to what is happening in the business, with what is happening within me and the rest of team and respond to our client’s needs, quickly and effortlessly.

Jack's Background

I’ve always loved technology. I first used a computer when I was 4 years old. It was based on DOS Commands. I remember going into the text files on the Lemmings game and writing messages for my Dad to see when he loaded the game.

I started writing scripts to save time on typing things in. For example, Push 1 for X game. Push 2 for Y game. I have always been looking for the next thing, to get faster speeds and take away the pain of repeated actions. Anything that is new captures my attention.

At school, I built a website with a message board for our year group. The early age of the internet really intrigued me. When I was 15 years old I founded a webhosting company with my cousin.

I had a weekend job at a Garden Centre whilst I was in College. I decided not to go to university and secured a full-time job there, where I stayed for 12 years. I was initially brought in to put data in a system. Immediately, I was looking for a quicker way to do that and I became known as the Chief Problem Solver. When the Garden Centre rebranded, I took on the role of Project Manager. Always looking for the next thing to implement to save time and money, I set up the E-Commerce site, did advanced analytics and was responsible for creating and automating detailed reporting.

When I was made redundant in 2016, I became a freelancer. My first role was with a local video company. I designed and implemented a video streaming platform, website and got involved in client projects.

I was introduced to Zoho through Paula when she provided a CRM system for the company I was working with. I went on to work freelance with Paula on HTML templates initially. After Sue trained me on the system, I played around in the back end to see how it all worked. This gave me the confidence to engage with Paula to work on the CRM more officially. I went on to upskill in the coding side of it. Now I thrive on building custom systems on a solid foundation.

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What's your favourite food?

Thai food and food cooked by me. I love hearty homecooked food.

What's your most annoying habit?

I can talk about systems for hours, if I get the chance. I am a worrier too; research takes me so much longer because I want to get it right.

What's your greatest strength?

I am very adaptable, in both business and social situations. I am able to engage at the right level. Problem solving too. I enjoy a problem and get a lot of reward out of solving it.

What do you love to do in your spare time?

Gardening, growing my own fruit, socialising with friends, playing games online (strategy or action), eating out and I enjoy travelling.

Outdoors or indoors?


What did you want to be when you 'grew up'?

A doctor. I didn’t want to do anything with computers. I wanted it to be a hobby. As I have grown up, I realised to have a job that is your hobby is the best!

What’s fun about Sue?

I often laugh at stuff Sue says on Cliq. She has a great sense of humour and makes me laugh.

What’s fun about Paula?

That together we can laugh at ourselves. We are able to find light moments in slightly stressful situations and end up laughing at ourselves!