Alliot Technologies Ltd
Case Study with Trudi Roberts
Meet The Client
and the challenges they faced...

“Alliot Technologies Ltd are a leading specialist distributor of LoRaWAN hardware & connectivity services.

We reached out to Creative Analysis to help with our CRM. We were already using Zoho CRM but we knew we were not using it to its full potential.

We needed to find a way to:

1. Track & keep up to date with the milestones within Deals.
2. Keep track of our cashflow. There are financial implications of not keeping track of our supplier POs.
3. Record our pre-sales activity within the CRM module so we could generate reports on the data.
4. Improve efficiency and effectiveness with responses to customers.
5. Make things visible for everyone.

We wanted to create a user-friendly system which enabled continuity and visibility on leads and order progress.”

The Solution

“The team at Alliot Technologies were already using Zoho. They knew they wanted to understand how they could use it to its full potential so we initially performed an Audit and Requirements Workshop.

During this session we spoke with members of each of the key departments; Sales, Operations, Accounts, Support, Marketing and the Management Team.

The outcome of this session provided us with a detailed specification of the requirements across all of the departments, including the management reports.

This led to the following developments.” explains Jack, Technical Director of Creative Analysis.

“CRM Developments: We worked with the team to design the process flow for Leads, Deals and Finance. This process involved identifying the stages, fields and the elements in between which formed the Blueprint.

As part of these developments we created a custom function that automated the process of marking an account as a customer when a deal is won.

Best Practice Training: During the Audit Workshop we identified that there were several key areas where the team could benefit from focused best practice training. As the team were already using the CRM, we were able to enhance their ways of working with this specific feature training.

Analytics: Alliot had a significant requirement for management reports and dashboards to enable them to get the insights needed to direct and grow the business.

From the requirements gathered, we developed all the dashboards in Zoho Analytics and provided access levels and permissions as required.

Desk: We designed and customised Desk to the requirements of the Customer Support team, who were previously managing tickets via a standard email platform. This involved customising the external customer portal to allow Alliot’s customers to view their progress of their cases. As Desk was new to the team at this point we provided user and admin training.

Other Zoho Applications: There was an immediate need to track website visitor traffic and capture enquiries via instant chat.

As a result, we set up and integrated SalesIQ with the CRM and installed the tracking code on the chat and website forms.

Alliot were also keen to centralise their documents within Zoho for the whole team to access across departments so we set up WorkDrive and provided best practice instructions for folder structure; internal and external.

Finally we provided training for the team on how to deliver online training using Zoho Showtime.”

The Outcome
Q&A with Trudi Roberts, Business Administrator of Alliot Technologies Ltd

1. What were the benefits of the system for you and your business?

“There have been a number of significant benefits for us.

1. Streamlining the CRM system. This has enabled us to properly understand leads, deals & activity on our client accounts.

2. Improved reporting in Zoho Books, CRM and Analytics.

3. Capturing pre-sales information including lost or on hold deals.

4. We have improved our efficiency and effectiveness with responses to customers. We know our stock holding and have quick access to our different pricing tiers.

5. Customers are now able to use the Desk support portal. Our customers are using Desk for all their queries.

6. Improved deal stage tracking.

There has been an increase in visibility across the business for senior staff. They are able to keep in touch and see where we are with the business, without taking up the time of people running those individual deals.”

2. What was the highlight of the whole experience?

“Working with the Creative Analysis team was a highlight. They took the time to get to know our business and then give insights and explanations on why they designed the CRM in the way they did for us. They were thorough and answered all the questions we had throughout the process.

The Blueprint Design sessions were really enjoyable. It was through these sessions that Creative Analysis identified what we wanted to get out of the system. It was an enjoyable part of the process and not as difficult as I thought it would be!

We now have personalised dashboards, giving individuals configured views that are most useful to them.”

3. What was it like working with the team?

“It was brilliant! The team have straight forward processes, thorough guides and everything was well explained.

After the phase 1 completion the team were helpful and keen to assist with minor tweaks to the system.

We achieved our main aims: to get the sales team using the CRM, to make it easy to use for everyone and to make sure everyone can see what they need to see in the system.

Our team are using the system to its best advantage now!”

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