Clean Page Design Ltd.
Case Study with Dom Wint
Meet The Client
and the challenges they faced...

Dom Wint’s main business challenge occurs when there is an online outage.

Dom is the founder of Clean Page Design Limited, a web design company based in Saddleworth, Manchester.

An online outage renders all of Dom’s client base: consisting of causes, charities, small business and organisations running campaigns, powerless. With their website down this potentially means disaster. Information about their businesses or organisations can’t be accessed by those interested, online orders are unable to be processed and communication over the web between business/organisation owners and clients is impossible.

Despite this being a rare issue and one out of Dom’s control, he was keen to not leave his clients hanging. Like any professional, Dom wanted to be able to notify all of his clients of the situation promptly and encourage them that he was aware of the issue and doing everything he could to communicate with the hosting company to fix the fault, whilst letting them know he would closely monitor the situation and provide updates.

Another fundamental part of Dom’s business is keeping track of all the client hosting renewals and WordPress update notifications. He was finding this increasingly more challenging as his client list grew and wanted to be sure he was on top of all this information once and for all.

The Solution

Using his new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, that we worked with Dom to design, build and implement, he is now able to alert all his clients to any website issues, apologise for the inconvenience caused and send follow up messages to up-date them when engineers are in the process of rectifying the issue, with an estimated time of when things would be up and running again.

Dom can also rely on the automatic triggers that have been set up in his CRM system to remind him when hosting renewals are due.

Simple and effortless but invaluable for the smooth running of Dom’s business.


The Outcome

Hitting ‘send’ and communicating with all his clients – at the touch of a button. As easy as that, Dom has informed and reassured his clients, whilst managing their expectations.

Keeping your clients in the loop, especially when it concerns their business, and thanking them for their patience helps to build and cement positive relationships with clients, and creates a favourable reputation to attract potential customers.

Dom’s CRM system enables him to have alerts at his fingertips – managing group communications when he needs to the most. He utilises the variety of email templates to cut down on the administration time for sending standard emails, such as hosting renewals or WordPress update notifications.

Dom’s invaluable CRM system also gives him the ability to manage all the different hosting information and renewals on top of the group communications – a real benefit to him given all the different websites he hosts and supports and the organisations he works with at any one time.

Of his new CRM system Dom says:

“It’s the perfect solution and it’s now certainly highlighted what I need to do to help out current clients – which was always the intention behind getting the CRM set up in the first place!”

A bespoke CRM system, tailored specifically to your needs, really does mean simple, streamlined efficient work. Giving you more time to focus on what you do best – your business!

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