Case Study with Tilly Brooke
Meet The Client
and the challenges they faced...

“Now>press>play is an immersive audio resource that engages primary school children in the curriculum through emotion, imagination and movement.

In a now>press>play experience every child is given a pair of wireless headphones. Immersed in sound, they become the main character in a story, meeting people, discovering places and solving problems on an educational adventure they’ll never forget” explains Tilly Brooke, Director of School Engagement and Marketing at now>press>play.

The Solution

“Now>press>play came to us having set up and started to use Zoho CRM without any external support. They had migrated to Zoho CRM in December 2019 but the set up hadn’t gone smoothly and data from their previous system had created a CRM that wasn’t working as they wanted it to” explains Jack, Technical Director of Creative Analysis.

“Zoho One Upgrade – From CRM: We upgraded NPP from a standalone CRM system to Zoho One, providing a full suite of applications and immediate cost savings. These applications were integrated where appropriate to allow the team instant access to lead, marketing, booking and finance information. All team members were added as users with the appropriate access and permission levels.

CRM: Immediately, we were able to work with the team to help them clean up the data in their system and make recommendations on the best practice for fields in each module and the effective use of the native modules in the system. The Cases Module was customised for the team to be able to log and monitor issues with equipment.

Finance: By setting up the Finance suite and enabling the integration with CRM, Area Managers were then able to create and send out their own quotes using templates we had configured. Products were imported into the CRM so that they were available to be automatically added to quotes in the system.

Automation and Workflows: A collection of automated workflows, which create tasks to act as reminders for the team, were created to ensure the pipeline process was kept moving and all deliverables are completed.

We also created a custom function which extracts the outcode from the clients postcode, which in turn allows the team to classify, assign and manage their leads based on location of delivery.

As part of the workflow process, we implemented workflows to assist with management of the annual life cycle of the school.

Campaigns: CRM was integrated with Campaigns once the old data had been cleansed. Master syncs were then put in place mapping all of the CRM category fields into Campaigns. This gave the team the ability to easily segment the marketing communications without having to manually create any new lists. GDPR preference management was also set up providing the team with ‘Topics’ for communication and the ability for recipients to manage their email preferences by subject.

Analytics and Dashboards: We created sales reports in analytics to show total leads, converted leads, lead source, lead owner, referred by, age of conversion and deal stages – with the ability to filter by Region/Account Manager. Dashboards were created in line with KPIs and specific management dashboards put in place alongside this.

Bookings: The Bookings tool was integrated with CRM to ensure the ability for schools to book sessions with Area Managers was more streamlined. The bookings feed into the CRM, which is integrated with calendars, providing the customer with up to date availability.

Surveys: Gathering feedback is essential to any business and by creating a branded survey template, the team are able to send Customer Feedback Surveys directly from the CRM and monitor and report on the responses.

Training: Best practice training was delivered remotely to the whole team on the use of the CRM system; from Lead creation through to quote creation and issue logging in the Cases module and how using the system supports effective reporting.

Analytics training demonstrated how all the dashboards were created along with their data sources from CRM.

The internal admins of the system were supported throughout with hints and tips and recommendations for future best practice.”

The Outcome
Q&A with Tilly Brooke, Director of School Engagement and Marketing at now>press>play

1. What were the benefits of the system for you and your business?

“There are 3 things that stand out to us.

  1. We can trust the analytics and the dashboards give us a clear idea of where we are at.
  2. The sales team have a streamlined process and are no longer forgetting about leads.
  3. We have repetitive tasks being automated now, which means the customer journey is more meaningful.”

2. What was the highlight of the whole experience?

“Working with the team. They are fun, kind, generous and great communicators. They were happy to crunch ideas with us and we trusted them to find us the best solution. The team are forward-thinking; always looking at what they have created and seeing the possibilities.”

3. What was it like working with the team?

“It was brilliant. I can’t commend them enough. They are super friendly and were more than happy to spend time to scope the job out – to make sure it was right for us.

They have a clean, excellent process that we were stepped through.

It is rare that a supplier wants to put in any time upfront, before knowing they have secured the work. Creative Analysis put in lots of time and effort to gain clarity on our business and our needs before we agreed to work together. They wanted to be sure they knew our business.

They are a friendly, warm team that go the extra mile.”

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