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Case Study with Andrew Thirkill
Meet The Client
and the challenges they faced...

What was the main struggle that led to the implementation of a CRM system?

“We are quite a small organisation and CRM was done on the fly. As the number of clients and prospects grew we struggled to organise this in a professional manner.”

The Solution

Creative Analysis advised implementing a tailored Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This involved cleansing and importing historical data as well as segmenting the data. Communication to different business groups was made more effective as a result.

Zoho Campaigns was set up and integrated with the CRM to enable PDM to use their segments to send targeted email campaigns. PDM were migrated across from Campaign Monitor to the integrated campaigns tool. This resulted in saving money on licenses.

The Outcome

What was the most useful part of the service for you?

“We are now able to schedule tasks and contact with clients and prospects. This means that these happen when they are supposed to, and not when I remember to do so.”

How has it transformed your working practices?

“It has transformed the automation aspect of our initial contact with prospects. We are able to send information regarding our services quickly and easily. Subsequently we are able to produce completed quotations (again quickly and easily).”

What opportunities have you experienced as a result of taking the step?

“Time – the amount of time we expend on each prospect has fallen dramatically. This means we are able to deal with enquiries quickly which then leads to us looking more professional.”

What would be the first part of the service that you would recommend to others?

“The time given to understand our business. We explained the nature of services, the type of clients we had and were prospecting. We provided our existing contacts and prospects information. The data was delivered back to us in a way that was tailored to our business and requirements. We are delighted with the results achieved.”

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