The Real Cider Company
Case Study with Phil Kennedy
Meet The Client
and the challenges they faced...

What was the main struggle that led to the implementation of a CRM system?

“There were 3 main issues we faced. We had a lack of data. We didn’t have the ability to coordinate activity between staff for active and potential sales and leads. We had no way of mining (analysing) what little data we had.”

The Solution

Creative Analysis advised implementing a tailored Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to enable their sales team to work more efficiently together and to share information. This would allow them to nurture more leads and increase sales. Full user training was provided along with integrated email.

Creative Analysis analysed historical sales data to provide valuable insights to The Real Cider Company. The top 20% of customers were identified based on historical sales. This determined their future sales resource focus.

The Outcome

What was the most useful part of the service for you?

“The ability to not only record activity but to use that data for reporting on various sales activities. We are now able to assess its importance. It was fundamental to us that all staff access information easily. It has enabled a structured approach going forwards.”

How has it transformed your working practices?

“We have a systematic and coordinated approach that is used by all staff. We are now able to measure performance and sales data.”

What opportunities have you experienced as a result of taking the step?

“We are maximising opportunities and coordinating all our sales activity amongst the sales team and administration. We can easily pick out our best selling product and best performing locations.”

What would be the first part of the service that you would recommend to others?

“The organised and systematic approach and defining a path of activity which is straightforward and easy to follow and use.”

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