The Social Kinetic
Case Study with Grace Doherty
Meet The Client
and the challenges they faced...

“The Social Kinetic are a small, expert and well-connected team that empowers people, organisations, systems and countries to solve complex health and technology challenges – everything we do has a social purpose” explains Grace, Creative and Operations for The Social Kinetic.

“We reached out to Creative Analysis because we wanted to deepen our human connection using technology – to enhance our existing relationships, where they had been impacted by Covid-19. We wanted more scope to have conversations over virtual cake.”

The Solution

“The priority for The Social Kinetic team was to embed a system in their organisation that would streamline their processes and drive efficiency, allowing them to have the freedom and time to concentrate on delivering to their clients” explains Jack, Technical Director of Creative Analysis.

“After meeting The Social Kinetic team we agreed the following 6 key areas of development.

Zoho One: We onboarded the whole team to the Zoho One platform, opening them up to a range of applications that could meet requirements they had as individuals and a team across the whole business.

CRM: We designed the system so that the company can begin to monitor their new business development opportunities (NBD) as well as enhancing the way they store information about their Contacts, Accounts and Deals. We also created Forms so it is possible to determine where enquiries from the website originated.

Campaigns: We integrated Campaigns with the CRM so that the information required is synchronised and NBD and Contact information can be managed in one place. The lists created enable the team to segment data according to relevant information from the CRM.

Training: User and Admin training was provided remotely for both CRM and Campaigns. CRM admin training included information on field updates, creating automated workflows and basic administration including adding users and creating roles and profiles.

Other Applications: Set up of the instant messaging tool Cliq, the social media tool Social and the website application Sales IQ. This meant the team were able to use the Zoho One platform to immediately increase both their internal and external communication.”

The Outcome
Q&A with Grace Doherty, Creative and Operations for The Social Kinetic

1. What were the benefits of the system for you and your business?

“There were 4 key benefits we noticed.

1. We were able to bring client management in to a single, secure enterprise system, to enhance business development.

2. We integrated with existing software that we already had in place to streamline our processes and drive efficiencies.

3. The underpinning of great service experience.

4. The opportunity to expand the systems we have – to work within the wide business workstreams such as project management, human resources, business leadership and accounts.

With the systems being integrated and joined up, it makes everything more streamlined. We are not inputting data multiple times and have the confidence that it is syncing across.

We also have up to date technology, with the reassurance that it is updated regularly, because we are on a paid subscription model. It is good to know we will always be ahead of the curve!”

2. What was the highlight of the whole experience?

“Understanding the full possibilities and transformational benefits that come with using a CRM of this calibre. It is exciting times for us.”

3. What was it like working with the team?

“Working with Creative Analysis is like working with a friend who you know has got your back. They are super smart, incredibly supportive, wonderfully kind humans.

They are passionate and have a similar ethos to us. We are selective about who we work with. It was refreshing to see they were on the same page as us.

It was a wonderful experience. I deeply value this relationship and we are looking forward to a long-term relationship with the team.
We highly recommend working with Creative Analysis.”

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