Q&A: “Hmmm What Is A CRM Again?”

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Opportunities: We open the door for you to all the potential CRMs can bring you in our Q&A!


If you’ve stumbled across this or one of our recent blog posts and you’re a tad confused then you’ve come to the right place! Even better, if you’ve read a few of our posts and can see they’re connected by a theme that you can’t quite put your finger on, it’s because they are!

We are currently producing a blog series called A-Z of CRMs, as CRM customisations are among what we do here at Creative Analysis to help you on your path to business freedom. Each fortnight we blog about a CRM related topic beginning with a certain letter.

Now that we have hit ‘Q’ and (let’s face it not much begins with ‘Q’!) I felt that ‘Queen of CRM’ wouldn’t have been right as I’m always learning something new and exciting that these powerful systems can provide modern businesses and teams, despite being a CRM and Systems Strategist.

So, to recap on the previous A-Z questions and to re-clarify some great points, we thought we’d do a quick fire Q&A on CRMs and the opportunities they bring.


What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management system and is a great collaborative, secure online arena you can share with your team to track the different stages ‘interested people’ (leads) are at on their customer journey to becoming your full-fledged client.

The system is great for organisation and being paperless, keeping all your contacts’ details in one place. It’s a fantastic platform for automating tasks, such as email marketing, to save you time. CRMs are fab for boosting productivity, helping you monitor what progress different tasks are making and what priority they should be given. CRMs are perfect for capturing new customers and looking after old ones so they stay on board.

CRMs are a must-have. For more info see our A New Way of Working blog post.


CRM, CRM Q&A, Q&A, Location Independent, Digital Nomad, Remote Working, Virtual Team, Location Independent
Uncover: We lift the lid on how a CRM could benefit a small business and team like yours.


Why do I need one?

I’ve always loved the metaphor of the sleek, spotless kitchen boasting handy drawers to store useful things in so you can find them straight away Vs the chaotic and cluttered kitchen when explaining the need for CRMs. We all know we’re more efficient if our own backyard is tidy.

With a CRM you never forget to follow up on a task as you can program your system to send you a notification to your mobile to prod you do complete the job. You never lose meeting notes as these too can be automatically uploaded to the CRM. Contacts can be sorted into ‘leads’, ‘potentials’ ‘interested’ and ‘like-minded’ categories and more.

CRMs also have many invaluable integration features (see below!). For more info give our Back to Basics post a whirl.


What is Business Freedom?

Business Freedom is the Holy Grail for some self-starters and motivated entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners. These people utilize technology and online tools, like CRMs to their advantage to be able to work anywhere, at anytime, on their terms. The two big stages and steps towards coveted Business Freedom are being a Digital Nomad and being Location Independent (again, see below!).

To find out how some friends of our business and former clients enjoy Business Freedom click here.  Like what you read? Fill out the three second form on our homepage to receive your personal Business Freedom Checklist. For  a different type of freedom, see how our client Natasha, earned herself time freedom during her From Filofax to Freedom journey.


What is Location Independence?

Bring Location Independent is about lifestyle, you as an individual and being able to operate your business without being there and being able to work completely independent of a location, not being limited by place. It’s a movement and a step very close to Business Freedom.

“If no one was watching and no one was judging where would you live and what would you do?” LocationIndependent.com asks.

A CRM helps you identify opportunities, become Location Independent and collaborate with an international team. Find out more here. 


What is a Digital Nomad?

A Digital Nomad is a name for someone who lives a certain lifestyle that isn’t for everyone but allows self-disciplined business owners and entrepreneurs to work from abroad, while seeing the amazing world we live in.

Many Digital Nomads don’t earn enough to be able to work from absolutely anywhere, such as in London or New York where the cost of living is high, but can happily live and work in various places across South East Asia, for example.  It’s a great step in the direction of Location Independence, which most Digital Nomads aspire to.

Johannes Volkner explains the difference between being Location Independent and a Digital Nomad here, while Mel outlines what it’s like to be a Digital Nomad using her first-hand experience.


CRM, Q&A, CRM Q&A, Location Independent, Remote Working, Virtual Team, Business Freedom, Digital Nomad
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What is Remote Working?

Remote Working is an ongoing debate about the pros and cons for employers and employees and tends to revolve around working from home.

While I enjoy being able to mix my settings up and work from pretty local coffee shops, I love how I can still keep in touch with clients via my CRM. Here’s what traits a solid team needs to be able to work successfully and remotely.


What is a Virtual Team?

A Virtual Team is one that uses the connective powers of technology to still collaborate and communicate whilst different members work remotely in various locations. An open CRM integrated system, Zoho Connect is great at facilitating transparent team work, project collaboration, planning and discussion. Which leads on to the next point…


What are Integrated Systems?

‘Bolt-on’ integrated systems and tools are available as helpful additions to CRMs, like the ones offered by Zoho. These can help with elements of business, like accounting (Zoho Books), networking (Zoho Card Scanner app) and email marketing (Zoho Mail) to achieve your goals. 


I hope this has given you some handy answers and ideas to mull over. In future blog posts in the A-Z of CRM series we hope to address questions surrounding the potential for CRMs to help you report on projects and results, maintain strong security standards, map your vision, whilst being visible and layout a functional workflow process.


If you still have more you’d like to quiz us on, fire some questions at us over on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #CRMQ&A and we’d be happy to answer! 

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