Scan Your Way to Success and Simplicity!

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Lifesaver: Zoho Card Scanner intelligently stores your contact’s details so you don’t forget them.

We all know a few cheeky life hacks– little secret cheats to make life easier. From running an old post-it note between the keys on your keyboard to gather mouldy crumbs and dust before you throw it away, to putting your smartphone in a glass to crank up  your alarm’s volume to avoid over-sleeping. We all do them and we all like to share them because most of us want to make other people’s lives simpler, more effortless and efficient too.

Here at Creative Analysis we also want to spread the word about handy life hacks that make your business life easier.

Freelancing or running a your own business involves juggling a lot of different responsibilities with you wearing the accountant and business hat, whilst rocking your sales and marketing caps. But above all, running your own SME or freelancing hinges on one important thing: networking. Without a wealth of diverse contacts you can’t generate the help or business your new brand needs to thrive.

If you do have a good track record of networking and a rich data base brimming with helpful contacts then great- but what’s the point of networking if you lose their details and can’t follow them up at a later date? How can you manage and nurture your business relationships successfully if you don’t store your contacts’ details effectively?

The Creative Analysis team and myself are huge fans of Zoho Card Scanner and use the seamless digital software regularly. It’s a timesaver, money saver and all-round lifesaver!

Rather than lugging a bulky card holder around all you have to do is whip out your smartphone and snap a photo of the business card you wish you keep and save it in the convenient card scanner app or add them as leads or contacts to your integrated CRM on the go. This ability to capture details when you’re at networking events and meetings and have them greet you when you return to the office is invaluable and a no brainer, given that we nearly always have our smartphones on our person. And think how much time you would save by not having to manually input details into your CRM!

business, business cards, Zoho card scanner
Messy madness? Zoho Card Scanner means you’ll never lose an contact’s business card in clutter again.

It means you never have to endure that blush inducing moment when a  new contact rings you out of the blue and you embarrassingly don’t have a clue who they are because you can’t find their card in the towers of clutter that have built up on your desk. You never lose the precious details of a client who would have generated your enterprise significant revenue.

Not only can the card scanner app extract details from business cards and automatically populate the appropriate fields with the right information in numerous languages, it also possesses a genius workflow element. As the new contact’s details appear in the CRM while you’re out and about, your colleagues back at the office can be prompted to send a follow up email, add extra details or trigger some other kind of beneficial  action.

Now that I’ve shared that business life hack with you I’m going to leave you…after all there’s always more contacts to make and details to take!

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