What is Inbound Marketing all About?

Inbound Sales and Marketing is the process of attracting your ideal customer or prospect whilst they are searching for what it is that you sell.

The old way of marketing was to use interruption based techniques such as cold calling, exhibiting at trade shows and sending direct mail with the ‘hope’ that you might come across someone who was interested in your product or service. These techniques are often very expensive and more often than not have poor conversion rates. It’s difficult to really track their effectiveness and you are unable to build a system to generate consistent leads. ‘Hit and Hope’

Inbound really plays into the way that buyer behaviour has changed. Think about the last time you bought a washing machine? Did you go directly to Hotpoint’s website and bought the first one you saw? No you’re probably not that bothered about who makes the machine itself, you are a lot more concerned with whether your needs are meet; How much can I fit in it? Is it expensive to run? Is it noisy? Is it good for the environment?

You would probably look online and shortlist a few that met your requirements (still not really bothered about the manufacturer). You are frightened about making a bad buying decision so you will look at a few reviews. Once you settle on a make and model you will then look at a vendor. What is their service like? What do their other customers say about them? You are probably price conscious so you will look at some price comparison sites. Once you have found one that you like you may even look for voucher codes or on a cash back site.

Only then do you make your choice….

This is exactly how your customers are looking for your product or service. Sometimes they don’t even know that there is a solution to their problem when they start out, never mind that you can provide it. You need to have that information freely available on the internet and a way of capturing those people when they are looking for what you do!

It sounds a lot of work I hear you cry. Well yes! Nothing worth having comes easy. There are no get rich quick schemes. There is a lot of testing and learning along the way, but each of the steps will provide new insight into your ideal customer and help you refine your service along the way.

Every step will teach you so much and will provide the valuable information you need to build a consistent lead generation machine that will build your business and delight your customers for years to come. After all, you knew right at the start that you could solve your customers problems, if only you could get them to listen!

Well, there is how…. Understand the process they go through when they are figuring out that they need what you sell, and make sure you are there every step of the way, solving their problems. They will begin to know, like then trust you.

All of a sudden you will have a loyal customer for life!

Unless you have a consistent way of acquiring new customers then you don’t have a scalable business.

The inbound model means all you need to do is RINSE, REFINE and REPEAT – and you have your lead generation machine… right there!

Don’t panic if this all sounds too daunting, We can help you develop this process. We’re available at the end of the phone if you’re ready to find out more with a free strategy call: 01484 307066.

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