Yes-There Is A Better Way!

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Yes, there is a better way of working than ‘just about’ managing the balance of successful business.


You love your job. You adore your business, respect your team, enjoy helping your clients. You’re crazy about the product/service you offer, you’re fond of your office and you even appreciate the journey to work. You’re just not so keen on all the other stuff. The chasing, the forgetting, the duplication, the menial, the clashing and all the other stuff that bogs you down in the day-to-day running of your business and stops you reaching your goals, business vision and potential.

The chasing of people in your team to check on the progress of a particular job or project, when they’ve told a colleague how far they’ve got but you haven’t yet got wind of the headway they’ve made on the job/project you’re trying to find out about.

The forgetting to follow up the contacts you’ve met at networking events once you get a spare moment the following day back in the office or their contact details slipping your mind altogether.

The duplication of work as two members of your team work hard producing projects that are equally as good but actually the same task as neither one knew that the other person was working on the same job. Or the embarrassing repetition of two different members of your team sending a client the same email or calling them to ask a question for which you already have the answer.

The mundane dullness of menially having to manually input information from lots of different sources into your system or having to pull details from lots of different places to create a simple document.

The clashing of systems, programs and platforms that don’t ‘gel’ together and talk to each other, that always seem to resist and display stubborn friction when you try and work with them both side-by-side or simultaneously.

“There must be another way!” you think as you glare at your unapologetic computer, hold your head in your hands in frustration then vent to a member of your team over a ‘denial-coffee’ about the limitations and irritations of technology.


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Say ‘bye’ to chasing, forgetting, duplication, repetition and clashing. An ‘hello’ to a better way of working with a CRM!

The good news is there is another way.  A smoother, easier and faster and all-round better way.


With a CRM system like Zoho and all its plugins, add-ons and features, your business’ core system can run like an all-encompassing well-oiled machine that’s happy to help.

Zoho Connect offers a flexible, transparent and effective way to stay organised so what a colleague tells you via email doesn’t get buried in the depths of your inbox but gets noticed via notifications.

Almost like a ‘Facebook for the office’ available on mobile devices as an app as well as in desktop format, you can always keep in the loop and up-to-date in real time of projects’ progress with Zoho Connect, especially if your team ‘mention/tag’ you in important posts. Gone are the days of chasing your tail and team!

Zoho Workflow enables you to set reminders to follow up interested people (leads) and can automate certain email output so you can focus on more important things.

Savvy Zoho Card Scanner App allows you to automatically populate your relevant CRM fields by taking a photo of your new contacts’ business card, scanning the information and syncing the details with your CRM so your team can access the data back at the office or from wherever they’re based. No more forgetting!

The tasks feature within Zoho makes seeing what your team is working on, the details of that job and what stage that activity is at (‘waiting on someone else’ ‘not started’ ‘in progress’ etc) possible. Say ‘goodbye’ to  taking two steps forward and one back when it comes to duplication!

Katrina Cliffe, Founder and managing Director of KC Communications, a client of ours, reckons Zoho’s task feature does wonders for her team’s productivity levels, saving them buckets of time, freeing them from writing daily ‘to-do’ lists.



Zoho Books uses data from your contact database within your CRM to help you formulate invoices in one streamlined way, whilst Zoho Mail Merge saves you time by simplifying tedious activities to create personalised documents utilising automation and templates.

Zoho Workflow let’s you create customize functions to allow you view details that you need to access every day but are held in applications external to your CRM. This is handy if your sales team need to access different bits of information on a lead that are located in different platforms and saves you logging in and out of different applications and having to remember lots of passwords. Bon Voyage dull repetitiveness and menial tasks!

Many CRM features integrate with other platforms, such as social media, uniting your business in a sleek and efficient way so you can bid farewell to systems that are always clashing and fighting one another.

If you still reckon your business will be vulnerable to the chasing, the forgetting, the duplication, the menial and the clashing then it’s a good job my mantra is always: “how can we find a better way?” I’m always looking for ways to improve, streamline, optimise and get smarter. Yes, I love technology but I love it because it allows us to do this. It also releases us from the mundane things that can be done without our effort.

I’m a thinking outside the box type of person and I’m just a phone call away to help partner you with a bespoke CRM and a new, better way of working!

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