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Managing your inbound support tickets through multiple channels can be tricky.

We take away the setup and customisation stress by taking you through our 3 step process, so your team can do what they do best.

Focus on providing excellent customer care.


Facilitating in-depth design sessions with your team, we determine the structure of your help desk ticket system. We identify all the support channels you need to feed into the system and the integrations you require.


Translating all the design options identified in Phase One, we create a bespoke support ticket system for your business; creating departments, users and implementing custom fields to define your process and streamline customer care.


We provide training tailored to your customer care processes, delivered either in-person or online for managers and support staff. Aftercare includes a named contact, priority job bookings and access to the expertise of our team.

What You Need To Know About Zoho Desk
a few of the features & benefits
Your Zoho Desk System Will

  • Allow your team to easily manage tickets
  • Provide a record of previous engagement
  • Keep your customer updated throughout
  • Give you automation to ensure consistency

Why Choose Zoho Desk

  • It will be bespoke to your business process
  • You’ll have all your tickets in one place
  • Helps you improve and track turn around time
  • Organise your enquiries, using departments

Your New Integrated System Will

  • Increase productivity
  • Ensure you never miss any customer requests
  • Simplify how you work
  • Allow you to easily escalate tickets

How We Help You Get The Most Out Of Zoho Desk
Understand your support process & gather your requirements
We will identify the best multi-channel setup for you and your business, recommend the most appropriate server (based on your location and GDPR laws) and identify the right design and structure for your internal departments.
Design your Desk solution with our remote design session
The scoping design session is your opportunity to discuss the structure of your custom system with us. Relevant members of your support team and our designers will be invited to attend this session.
Map out your support journey
Once we have mapped out your support journey, we explore how this translates into a case management solution and how your customers will move people through the support framework, ensuring nothing is missed.
Base set up and applications integration
This is where we set up the foundations of your Zoho Desk system based on your specific requirements. We add custom fields and integrations to ensure the right information is stored against each ticket.
Customisation of your system
Once we have built the base structure of your ticket system, we add custom fields for each ticket layout. We help you create views so specific cases and their status' are easily accessible at the click of a button.
Onboard users
We safeguard your tickets and other customer service data by identifying and implementing roles and permission levels for all support agents. Ideal for when you have team members that need different levels of access.
Advanced ticket automation
This ensures you have a reliable, robust and consistent customer care process, allowing your team to follow the same path to ensure a timely outcome on every case. It will also keep your customer informed along the way with regular email updates.
Highly specialised, sector specific customisation
In some cases Zoho Desk may require more complex automation. Using Zoho's development tools we can build scripts that process your tickets into other systems including Zoho CRM, to reduce data input and error.
Training and aftercare
You can choose from onsite and online training for your support team and managers. We will create snippet videos you can access at any time to share as your teams grow. We have something to suit all levels of budget and business requirements.
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