Systems Review
A remote assessment of your current systems
What To Expect From A Systems Review
a quick overview
An online audit workshop...

With your relevant teams to assess current use of the technology you have and how you are using the toolset available.

The next session...

Your team show us how they use the system day to day so we can fully understand your process flow and identify any pain points/areas to focus on.

These sessions...

Typically combine either online or onsite sessions, depending on the scale of your system or the size of your team.

How It Works
We take your system through our Best Practice CRM Checklist. This consists of 20 audit checkpoints that we evaluate your system against. Once we have completed this, we deliver the results back to you.
We have a live workshop session, working with you to complete a system analysis and a requirements gathering scoping session.
If required, we have a live workshop with you to look at analytics. This is where we design the essential business overview dashboard for you and discuss reporting.
We provide a written Summary and Requirements document, detailing what we identified in our analysis and our recommendations on developments needed for each requirement you identified in the live workshops.
We have a 45 minute video call with you to run through our recommendations and answer any questions you may have about your audit.
System Review Pricing
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