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Implementing a new CRM system can cause a lot of pressure and pain, for you and the team.

We take away the stress this may cause by taking you through our 3 step process.


Facilitating in-depth design sessions with your team, we determine the architecture of your system. Workshops are delivered to scope the requirements of your business across all departments and to identify the best value Zoho licensing model.


Transforming all the design options discussed in the first phase into a usable system, our development team work closely with you to automate data processing and ensure all your applications work together, to reduce repetitive data input.


We provide bespoke Zoho training tailored to your suite of applications. These are delivered either in-person or online for all Zoho applications. Our aftercare services include a named contact, priority support and access to the expertise of our team.

What You Need To Know About Zoho CRM
a few of the features & benefits
It does all of the hard work for you

  • A CRM is an intelligent database that’s easy to use
  • History, reminders, tasks and call logs
  • Lead Management from website to customer
  • Quotes, invoicing, reports
  • Emails logged inside your customer records

Why choose Zoho CRM

  • It’ll be customised for your business
  • You’ll have everything in one place
  • Find information quickly
  • Get rid of the paperwork and manual processes
  • Keep track of everything!

Your new Integrated System will

  • Save you money
  • Save you time
  • Grow with your business
  • Give you peace of mind – GDPR compliant
  • Give you more freedom in your business

How We Help You Get The Most Out Of Zoho CRM
Understand your business & gather your requirements
We will then recommend the best combination of Zoho apps for you and your business, recommend the most appropriate server (based on your location and GDPR laws) and the best value licensing model for your needs and business.
Design your CRM with our scoping workshop
The scoping workshop is your opportunity to discuss the design of your bespoke system with us. Relevant members of the team and designers who will be involved in your development will be invited to attend this workshop.
Map out your customer journey
Once we have mapped out your customer journey, we explore how this translates into a CRM pipeline and how you will move people through the pipeline in your bespoke system.
Base set up and applications integration
This is where we set up the foundations of your Zoho CRM system, based on your specific requirements. We take the design of your system from the page to the physical system that you will use every day in your business.
Onboard users
We safeguard your system and your company data by identifying and implementing roles and permission levels for all users, perfect for when you have people that need different levels of access to information and data.
Customisation of your system
Once we have built the base structure of your system, we add in your custom fields for each module and create views so specific data you choose to see is available at the click of a button.
Advanced CRM automation
This includes: email templates and design; SMS integration and templates; workflows, field updates, scheduled actions, automated buttons and APIs. All the things that make your business run that extra bit smoother!
Highly specialised, sector specific customisation
If Zoho's off-the-shelf apps don't meet all your requirements, our developer can work with you to create specialised sector specific customisation. Different industries have different requirements. We work with you to create the customisation you need for your business, whether you are in law, education, healthcare - to name a few.
Advanced CRM pipeline
This is where we make the CRM work that extra bit harder for you. Includes Blueprint design, mapping information between modules and creating conditional fields.
Training and aftercare
There are a number of options here. Onsite and online training for individuals and teams. Snippet videos you can watch time and time again. Aftercare packages ranging from banked hours through to bespoke monthly retainers to support your future growth and development. We have something to suit all levels of budget and support.
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