Go Well
Case Study with Sarah Price
Meet The Client
and the challenges they faced...

“Go Well design, create and deliver innovative educational programmes that maximise the power of movement to improve wellness.” explains Sarah, Director of Go Well.

“I reached out to Creative Analysis because I needed Zoho expertise and capabilities that were outside of my skillset. I wanted to build a new bespoke system from scratch and knew I needed a CRM, as a starting point.

I came across Zoho when we had an immediate need to collect feedback from our clients. I researched apps and came across Zoho Creator. I created a Zoho Creator app to collect the data we needed. I was impressed by the suite of applications available through Zoho and knew they could offer what we needed, now and as our business grows.

We reached a point where we had outgrown our systems and they were no longer fit for purpose. This was impacting on our communication; it was starting to break down because we didn’t have a robust and bespoke system in place for our growing business.

We were wasting time, losing data and struggling with our record keeping. Our processes were too manual, leaving room for human error. We knew we needed a good system and structure in place to address these issues.”

The Solution

“The priority was to convert Go Well‘s existing Creator system into a CRM system to provide all of the additional functionality the CRM offers from the front end. This includes tasks, calendars, automated email templates, integration with Survey, Books and other tools” explains Jack, Technical Director of Creative Analysis.

“We wanted to improve the Service Level Agreement (SLA) process and management of the service delivery plan.

CRM – We translated the Creator system into a CRM system. This involved moving Schools, Individuals, Deals and SLA Deals into the CRM.

Data is now collected from a variety of sources including Zoho Forms and Surveys. This data all feeds into the relevant custom modules in the CRM.

The team are now able to manage 90% of the Creator functionality directly from the CRM.

Deals Module Blueprint – The Deals module blueprint was designed to guide the team through the steps of receiving an order from a customer. It ensures data is captured at the right times through the process and will not allow deals to move forward without the correct actions being taken.

Creator – As well as improvements to the structure of Creator we also integrated it fully with the CRM so the information can be accessed from the related list part of each type of record. We replaced tables from the Creator system with new tables inside the CRM.

Surveys and Forms – Zoho Surveys and bespoke Zoho Forms were created to collect SLA information and signatures. These then feed into the system as Deals and are converted into service delivery plans and allocated a coach.

The Zoho Form includes formulas which calculate how much each service costs and compares this to the amount of credits allowed to spend depending on the selected package. This means the customer can see how much extra they have spent as part of this SLA.

Each service block booked then creates a service delivery item in the CRM, once the form has been approved by the team inside the CRM.

Zoho Survey will be used in future to capture feedback on services, coaches and entire SLA’s.

Books – Zoho Books is integrated into the CRM to allow the team to easily invoice and quote customers directly from the CRM.

The Books system also includes the option for schools to log into their payment portal. The setup included customisation of the templates to include company logo etc.

The bespoke system included:

  • Blueprint design and integration
  • Integration with other Zoho Tools including Surveys and Forms.
  • Custom modules and fields
  • Bespoke script to push SLA items into the service plan by school and coach
  • Email templates for inviting schools to complete the Zoho Form
  • Workflows to trigger field updates at specific times
  • Integration between existing Creator application and the CRM”
The Outcome
Q&A with Sarah Price, Director and Strategic Manager of Go Well

1. What were the benefits of the system for you and your business?

“The system is easy to use and the team quickly adapted to a more digital and therefore, more efficient way of working.

As the manager, I have the ability to see everything and I am notified when things have moved along. I am more informed and up to date with where each Deal is at.

The clarity of the steps to be taken on the Deal Blueprint has been a gamechanger for us. Everyone can see the status of each deal and task. This has cut the time we were wasting chasing for information and updates.

Creative Analysis provided training videos so we can refer back to them if we have forgotten how to do something in the system. This means I no longer have to deliver one-to-one training sessions with staff.

All our tasks are automated, reducing the space for human error and we are no longer losing any contacts, information or sales.

Our invoicing is now an automated system. There are no longer any gaps for sales to drop through the net and our invoices are getting paid.

The result is:

We have more time. We are more efficient. There is less human error. We have reduced manual tasks. We have more sales because we are capturing data. Our invoices are being delivered in a timely way and as a result, we are being paid on time. Our lead to sales ratio has increased.”

2. What was the highlight of the whole experience?

“We connected really well with Creative Analysis. It was easy to work with them. They took the time to understand our business and had deeper conversations with us where they dug deep. They wanted to make sure the bespoke system they provided would be able to handle all future growth and eventualities.

They were open to changes and amendments and always had suggestions for different ways things could be done and delivered. Deadlines were hit and conversations flowed easily.

They were always thinking about the bigger picture and the impact of decisions made on future growth.

It was a real pleasure to work with the team.”

3. Did you learn anything about your business that you didn’t know before?

“I have been trying to solve our system issues myself. I am fiercely independent and want to do things myself, wherever possible.

I realised that reaching out and spending money on experts is essential to get the expertise you need.

We have all seen the potential of the system and it is making a big difference in how we work.

When I compare the higher sales and efficiency we now have as a result of engaging with Creative Analysis, it was well worth the investment.”

4. What was it like working with the team?

“We connected really well. They were very honest, which I appreciated.

Quality is top of mind for the team and quality of service is important to them.

If anything would compromise this, such as me wanting to do some things myself, they had a conversation with me about it and held their commitment to their high standards. This was to be admired.

We enjoyed working with the team at Creative Analysis.”

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