Setting Up As a Teal Organisation

In this article, we explore the process of setting up as a Teal Organisation. I have worked in organisations where hierarchy, profit, growth and accountability to targets were ingrained in the culture. We lived and breathed it every single day. From my early career, through to when I set up Creative Analysis in 2009, this is how I knew business to be.   Standard Business Versus Teal Organisations Seven years after I founded Creative Analysis,…

What Are Teal Organisations?

What Are Teal organisations? I was introduced to the concept of Teal organisations in 2016 and was instantly fascinated by the three core principles of Teal. Self-Management: this is a system based on peer relationships. There is no need for hierarchy, consensus or central command and control in self-managed teams and organisations. Wholeness: this is about a consistent set of practices that invite members to reclaim their inner wholeness and bring to the workplace ‘all of who they are’….