Systems Review - For Giving Back
A remote assessment of your current systems | All funds go to children's education in Zambia
How It Works
a quick overview
An online workshop to...

  • Access your use of technology
  • Evaluate your current toolset
  • Investigate your business processes
  • Understand of your process flow
  • Identity time saving solutions

A Report Detailing...

  • Providing solutions to identified problems
  • Recommendations to optimize process flow
  • Suggest software solutions when applicable
  • Implementation guide for tips and advice
  • Considering better integration options

Want to talk more about a system review and see all of the cost go to a fantastic cause?
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Systems Review Pricing
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Systems Review350£A review of your current systems

An online workshop to identify the needs of your business

Online workshop session with you

Documented review of current system

Customised recommendations and solutions

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We are also donating up to £750 of CRM developments directly to this cause for specific clients. Please get in-touch with us at to find out more about this as CRM developments are bespoke to each business and we have a limited number of developments that this applies to.