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Implementing a remote working system can be difficult if you’re not familiar with online technology.

Zoho Remotely is a bundle of applications which makes online collaboration easy.

Zoho Cliq

Online Meetings & Communication

Whether you’re holding a team meeting, a training session, a customer support call or an important sales presentation, Remotely’s suite of apps will enable you to conduct all your business communications online.


Online Document Collaboration

Boost productivity with office apps that are designed for collaboration. Create, share and edit documents together as a team, draft blogs, analyse spreadsheets and prepare slide decks from wherever you are.

Zoho Workdrive

Collaborate & Share

Create team drives, share documents with members and collaborate in real time to get things done. Plan and monitor your projects, assign work items to individuals or teams, allocate resources and prioritise tasks.


Provide Remote Online Support

Help your customers and employees from anywhere in the world using applications that provide remote visuals in an interactive way. Understand live issues and take control to resolve customer queries.

How We Help You Get The Most Out Of Zoho Remotely
Enables your team to work effectively from anywhere in the world

With the right set of apps, you can maintain a close-knit and productive working environment for your business and teams, no matter where they are based.

It enables you to take your work out of the office environment by offering a complete suite of web and mobile apps that will help your organisation and teams communicate, collaborate and continue to be productive.

Understand your business & suggest the right tools for you
We recommend the best combination of Zoho Remotely apps for you and your business and advise on the most appropriate server (based on your location and GDPR laws).
Base set up and applications integration
This is where we set up the foundations of your Zoho Remotely system, based on your specific requirements. We take the design of your system on paper and transform it into your online system that you will use every day in your business.
Onboard users
We safeguard your system and your company data by identifying the correct roles and permission levels for all users. This is perfect for when you have team members that need different levels of access to information and data.
Training and aftercare
Online training for individuals and teams. We provide snippet videos that you can watch time and time again. Aftercare packages ranging from banked hours through to bespoke monthly retainers to support your future growth and development. We have something to suit any company size or budget.

We have A Range setup and training packages available
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