How do you handle remote working & flexible hours?

Remote working, location doesn't mattr like it used to, location independence

Location doesn’t matter like it used to

Whether you’re working from home so you can pick up the kids after school, or working from abroad to extend your holiday, it’s great to have a location independent business! For some though, it can be a radical change. What’s the best way to manage flexible and remote working?

Having the right online collaboration platform in place for your team is essential. A system like Zoho Connect gives you endless possibilities, with everything from document management and presentation sharing, to calendar and video call integration.

The best systems will give you peace of mind by letting you check in from your mobile at any time to get an instant overview of what everyone is up to.

Remote working, location doesn't matter like it used to, location independent

It’s not all about the technology

Every system is really just a set of rules followed by a group of people. Sure, the best ones rely on fancy online tools, but no system can work without a team committed to using them and working together. This is even more crucial in a remote working system.

In our experience, there are several key traits remote team members should have:

  • Strong self-discipline, with the ability to avoid distractions and focus
  • Agile and flexible enough to quickly adapt to the new system
  • Able to deal with ambiguity and work ahead should someone be offline
  • Responsible enough to ensure they check-in with regular updates

For those leading such a team, it’s important they set clear goals for everyone and keep a continuous conversation going. Don’t forget to celebrate the wins either!

If you would like to learn more about making your own business location independent, we’d be happy to discuss it over the phone! Call us now on 01484 307066

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