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CRM’s are for large businesses right?

CRM’s are for any size business and in some respects can be more important for solopreneurs or single owner businesses.

The general belief is that CRM’s are only needed if you’ve got thousands of contacts and customers or you’ve got a really large sales team that need to keep track of their independent sales performances. Tablets & Cloud - Freedigtialphotos (CREDIT THIS)

Well this is obviously true if that is the case but it certainly isn’t true in the ‘only’ respect.
CRM’s are amazing tools and we strongly believe that a CRM system (on any scale) can have a huge impact on running a business in an efficient and proactive way.

For solopreneurs and single business owners what more could be helpful than a system that helps you to juggle the multitude of tasks that you have to manage whilst running a business?

It is even more important to be efficient and focused because there’s generally only you in the business directly.
Yes, you might have associates or a virtual assistant but still you have to deal with anything from networking, administration, accounts, sales, marketing etc. and that’s all before you’ve even delivered any of the work you set out to deliver!

A CRM system can help you to stay on top of the key elements of your business – your customers and contact relationships.
Without these you have no business to run.
A really great CRM system should allow you to integrate the fundamental parts of your business:

1. Email
2. Core CRM features
3. Email Marketing
4. Quotes/Invoicing/Accounts

Imagine how much time you would save by having a system that allows you to enter business data ONCE so that you can then work across all of these key business areas seamlessly.

“Three quarters of small business owners work throughout their holidays…” Stated by Ben Lobel, This is enough encouragement for any of us to get more efficient with our systems and processes – let’s make our holidays actually holidays! Ref 1.

The best part about this is that it’s not as expensive as people first think.
Again, the belief is that CRM systems cost thousands of pounds – not true (in all cases).

We can offer a CRM system that covers everything mentioned in this blog starting from only £695 as a design/setup fee and $20 per month ongoing – for everything mentioned! Welcome to Power Pack CRM…

What’s not to love?

Why not book a free consultation or a demo so you can see how all of this works, give us a call on 01484 307 066


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