Zoho Workplace: Business Cloud Nine

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Anytime, anywhere, enjoy business freedom to create, collaborate and communicate with Zoho Workplace.


Who doesn’t love being on cloud nine? Whether it’s the fun of quality family time, the heavenly joy of a holiday or the delight of relaxing downtime that brings you blissful happiness, there’s no denying cloud nine is the place to be. But have you ever thought it’s the place your business should be?

Now, with Zoho Workplace your business can always be on peaceful cloud nine. Based on three main pillars of Zoho’s ethos- collaboration, communication and creation, Zoho Workplace is an intelligent integrated set of applications that seamlessly pops your entire office onto the cloud.

Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet and Zoho Show facilitate efficient creation, while Zoho Docs, Zoho Sites and Zoho ShowTime enable clever collaboration and Zoho Connect, Zoho Chat and Zoho Mail allow handy communication among busy and thriving teams.

1)  Zoho Writer is a savvy document editor brimming with time-saving templates, flexible formatting options, advanced online publishing features and practical joint reviewing capabilities for when two heads are better than one in document creation and delivery.

2) When it comes to processing and organising data, producing engaging charts and graphs, Zoho Sheet entails straight-forward formulas, data validation to help you spot mistakes and sharing and real-time editing features.

3) Getting the show on the road is made easier with Zoho Show. With this neat online presentation editor you can openly edit with your team, embed visually appealing multimedia and accurately import multiple file types.

4) Zoho Docs is a smart way of keeping all your important documents organised in one convenient location, smoothly syncing across any of your devices.

5) A DIY website builder, Zoho Sites, equipped with mobile-ready and SEO abilities, empowers you to create stunning websites via an intuitive drag-and-drop process, that are a pleasure to look at and read.

6) For real-time ratings, polls, interactive features to encourage even shy audience members to participate via their mobile devices, the presentation sharing and audience engagement tool, Zoho ShowTime is ideal.

7) Zoho Mail promises enhanced security, a simple set up of the modern business email and a strict no-ads privacy policy in which Zoho never shows you display ads or scans your emails for keywords for advertising.

8) Zoho Social opens your office up, makes transparency at work possible and provides those all-important answers and solutions instantly via in-house instant messaging.

9) Doing what it says on the tin: connecting teams, Zoho Connect  is a professional, forward-thinking social network that allows you to create groups, attach documents, receive notifications and build custom apps.


business, Zoho Workplace, collaboration, creation, communication
Time saver: With all your applications under one umbrella you save buckets of time!


Why Zoho Workplace will make your business happy

  • Stacks of storage- it’s always good to have room for back-ups and multiple versions of documents, which is why it’s great Zoho Workplace is generous with its storage allowance. 5GB on the Free Plan, 30GB on the Standard Plan, 100GB on the popular Pro Plan and a staggering 1TB of storage space on the Enterprise Plan.
  • Productivity perfect- think of the time you could save and all the things you could get done if didn’t have to master, maintain and log in and out of different platforms all the time!
  • Ideal Integration- imagine all the things your business could achieve with an integrated system like Zoho Workplace, where the applications talk to and understand one another. Less stress trying to integrate systems means you get more time and business freedom to make your professional vision a reality.


There are many advantages to uniting your business resources under one umbrella, Zoho Workplace being just one of them. How does your team facilitate creation, collaboration and communication so your business can enjoy being on cloud nine? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter! 


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