Analytics: big data for small businesses

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Focus on the hidden gems with analytics

Thanks to the plummeting costs of computing power and the internet, analytics is no longer the preserve of huge enterprises. Anyone with an online system can now use analytics to unearth hidden gems within their business’s data.

When you are on the move, you can’t always rely on networking to drive your business. Repeat business from existing clients and a list of new prospects is key, which means you need to be able to quickly analyse the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and other efforts to find out what works. A good CRM system includes strong analytics.

Data dance, analytics, data, big data, small business, business intelligence

Stay ahead in the data dance

Dealing with data is very much like a dance: failing to embrace it, interpret it and improve your business processes via learning from it, results in you being out of step with your customers, not moving to their rhythm but ultimately being out of touch and tune with them instead. Here are 15 ways to stay ahead in the data dance.


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