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Zoho Connect: Stay connected to your Virtual Team, anytime, anyplace.


We all now juggle many job roles, spin lots of plates and wear several hats 24/7 so it pays to be able to enjoy freedom. To have the liberty to work anytime and anyplace we fancy sounds tempting and a valuable asset to many who have to fit the school run, checking on elderly parents or simply other commitments in their active lives.

‘Freedom’ might not be a word traditionally associated with ‘work’ but, with May 6th marking Flexible Working Awareness Day, the link between the two is strengthening. Why? Because technology has allowed it and there’s no niftier, nearer and neater technology than Zoho Connect!

* Nifty because Zoho’s professional communication platform akin to social media allows real-time rapid responses and messaging between colleagues via comments and messages.

* Near as, with the app installed on your smartphone, it is always easily accessible no matter where you are and facilitates the lightning quick responses to questions from members of your team.

* Neat because it allows pure flexibility in working!

While highlights some things small business owners need to be mindful of when allowing employees to work remotely, working from home or on the go has obvious benefits. Night owl? It means we can work when we’re at our most productive so deliver the best results and projects, not being tied down to the typical restrictive 9-5 grind. Tired of traffic? It cuts spending time in rush hour traffic jams. Distracted in the office? No problem, work from home without feeling isolated because Zoho Connect allows you to see new ideas they’ve come up with, give feedback, view projects and presentation progress, engage with co-workers and more!

Virtual team, virtual office, Zoho Connect
Where’s your office? Zoho Connect allows you to be flexible and free.


Zoho Connect has many features that make it user-friendly. The handy small paperclip icon underneath the comment box allows you to upload documents making them easily visible to colleagues- practical and transparent!  Setting up ‘pages’ where you can add content, polls and begin discussions separate from other comment threads make great references, like storing brilliant ideas for a rainy day!  Just as you can ‘follow’ certain pages, getting notified when they fresh content is added, you can also add a hashtag (#) before certain phrases acting as a link, grouping all related content mentioning that phrase together making it simpler to search for later!

Part of our team thrive off working remotely, with our Content Creator, Jayna preferring to work later in the evening, but  still keeping track of what’s gone on via notifications from her Zoho Connect app. Meanwhile, our Digital Account Manager, Mel is a travelling enthusiast and successfully and seamlessly coordinates our social media output from France and Switzerland!  Jayna even  kept abreast with updates and touched base while on holiday in Nice, France. Personally, I love Zoho Connect because I enjoy being able to work in nice settings around West Yorkshire, like with a friend in a coffee shop.

We’ll touch more on Zoho Connect in our future blog post ‘Endless Possibility With Zoho Connect” out in a fortnight’s time, but it’s the freedom of being flexible and able to work with team members all over world… well Europe but you get the idea…that’s the real benefit. Now think my coffee’s arrived so until next time…

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