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Customer Relationship Management System, CRM
CRM=less work chaos and stress.


What is a CRM and Why Do I Need One?

‘Shhhhh!’ is sometimes what we yearn to say to all the visual and mental ‘noise’ clutter can create, in a bid to numb and shield ourselves from the ensuing confusion that inevitably arises from such disorder. What if there was a system that you could easily put in place and integrate into your business practices to permanently turn down the volume on your company’s clutter anarchy?

The good news is that such a miracle system works and it’s called a CRM! You may have heard this mysterious acronym knocking around within your business circles. It stands for Customer Relationship Management system and can revolutionise the way you work. The result? You have more time to improve your business relationships and realise your business goals simply through the organisation CRMs provide.

You can be forgiven for thinking that implementing a whole new system to manage the way you operate and familiarise yourself with seems like a daunting, lengthy task, brimming with hassle before you’ve even began. Hassle you don’t need, considering you have existing clients to please and a business to run, on top of putting a CRM into action. But the transition to a new CRM system can be a smooth one with the right support.

So why invest in a CRM and seek support doing it in the first place?

CRM, Customer Relationship Management System, organised
CRM=important information has its own place so you can find it quickly!


I often liken applying and embracing a CRM to a cluttered kitchen verses a sleek kitchen with handy drawers that enable you to find the things you need straight away. In the business world you need to be able to locate contacts, project notes and invoices as quickly as possible.

By setting up a CRM system, such as a Zoho customer relationship management system, you really get the ‘wow’ factor of reliable and secure digital organisation and reap the rewards.  Notes from meetings that you never followed up can now be uploaded straight into your CRM, which can then be programmed to send you notifications and calls to action, forming an efficient workflow, prompting you to revisit the notes and get yourself in gear with pressing tasks.

CRM, Customer Relationship Management System, organisation, efficiency
CRM=no more losing or forgetting to follow up notes from meetings!


Instead of juggling (and losing!) multiple business cards that each hold vast amounts of business potential, all your contacts can be arranged into a convenient directory in your CRM. You can break contacts up into bite sized categories based on the services they offer and industry they work in or separate them into ‘leads’, ‘clients’ etc.

Your CRM can boast features like filters that allow you to send a certain document or message to particular clients. What’s more,  imputing your contacts when you are initially setting up your CRM has the added bonus of refreshing your memory of the contacts you have made in the past and forgotten about like useful items shoved in your loft to clear space that just gather dust. You can add keywords to contacts’ details to describe what services they offer, so when you search for these keywords in your CRM your system brings up relevant people to match and your query- perfect if you’re in a rush!

Not only can the qualities of a CRM help you to achieve that virtual sleek kitchen feel for your business, but by pressing pause on the influx of data your business receives and has to process every day you get clarity.

CRM, Customer Relationship Management system, tidy
CRM= more time to reflect and improve your business thanks to less physical and mental clutter!


When your business streams of contacts, tasks, finances, invoices and leads are ‘tidy’ and coordinated in one easily accessible place, it gives you a clearer mind to focus on the future of your business and what potential possibilities are awaiting you to take up to help your business flourish, without being crowded by the fog of chaotic clutter. A CRM helps you see things differently and gives you vision as you reflect on your business.

A CRM is easy to use with the right support, you just need to use it regularly and be open to getting the knack for how it works. Once you’ve done that there’s unlimited potential to branch your system and its capabilities out, using social media integration features, for example, to see the social media accounts and Google search info on your CRM contacts. You can also embrace Zoho Books to help streamline your accounting or Zoho Connect to enable your team’s creative juices to flow by facilitating collaboration no matter where your team is based when they work.

CRM, Customer Relationship Management system, organisation
CRM=no more forgotten tasks.


Time is money to any business owner and CRM can save you time as well as your sanity. Just think-no more rooting around for notebooks with scribbled meeting notes or hunting for crumbled business cards!

Follow Natasha on her journey from Filofax to Freedom as she gets acquainted with her CRM and the impact it’s had on her business, PiP.

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