From Filofax to Freedom Pt10 – Celebrating the Wins


Psychologically one of the best ways to stay happy is to celebrate. Now before you go googling that, I’m not saying there is scientific evidence or anything, it’s more an intuitive, common sense kind of statement.

Business has been going well for me, I just celebrated my second birthday since beginning to work full time for myself, which also translates as two years of working on myself!

I’ve learnt that the more you work on yourself, the more business you will win, simple. The biggest lesson I have learnt is to celebrate everything great in my business, and some days please believe me, great has been getting up!

Part of the Zoho system that I really love is that I can log my business opportunities, I can log a name for the piece of work, the organisation it is with, I can classify the opportunity against a service or product type , a value and closing date can also be added, along with notes and key next steps.

But that isn’t the best bit.

There is this flag that you select where you show what stage you are at, so if I have made a proposal I can log that, during which time it shows in a funnel graphic on my landing page, so everyday I can see what business is in the pipeline.

That still isn’t the best bit!

When I have won a piece of business I go back into that opportunity and change the stage to Won-Underway and at that moment a fantastic email pings into my inbox.

It says in the header Big Deal Alert!

Following up with the following text in the email –

Dear Team, Good news for us! We have got a major deal from {Name}. Congrats team! Regards, Natashamccreesh2015-142

Every single time I log a new win I get this email and I love it. Even though it is me sending it to me!!

Each time a new client signs with me I do a little joy dance, however big or small the deal is it is the same level of joy in the dance.

This email makes me laugh and reminds me to celebrate – thank you Zoho for knowing that we all need to celebrate.

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