Endless Possibilities With Zoho Connect

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Good things happen to those who connect…


Possibility- it’s a powerful word isn’t it? In fact it gives me goose bumps. It just oozes potential and radiates opportunities in abundance. Put the word ‘Endless’ in front of the plural version and I go into  full on meltdown! However, ‘Endless Possibilities’ rarely crosses the mind unless collaboration occurs.

Think about it- just mull over the wealth of possibility that online collaboration has enabled. People combine signatures to raise awareness, promote positive change and improve national policy on change.org. People have united behind a particular good cause, raising money on justgiving.com. Millions have avoided suffering from a problem alone after finding kindred spirits and helpful advice within online forums and message boards, in which people have digitally come together to share their nuggets of wisdom.

They say knowledge is power but combining information, uniting, sharing advice and support only happens when we connect with one another. The perfect virtual arena we found to facilitate this coming together of ideas and keeping up-to-date with other in a professional environment, is Zoho Connect.

Here’s the five main benefits we’ve experienced with Zoho Connect.

1) Effective- How often do important messages and emailed documents from colleagues get buried in the deep, dark, cob-webbed depths of your inbox? I’m guessing quite regularly with the influx of emails we receive on a daily basis. With Zoho Connect you can see the most recent activity relating to things that matter to you in the form of notifications. You can take action on individual notifications direct from the notification dropdown list to deal with an issue immediately or come back to it later. Either way, important messages and updates are in a prominent place- so are less likely to slip your mind. You can also set reminders about tasks to promote action so projects are constantly moving forward.

As a bonus, Zoho Connect’s layout mimics that of common social media sites that we all no doubt use regularly so it doesn’t take long to get the hang of. Zoho Connect grants you the ability to ‘like’, ‘comment’ on other people’s status, @mention someone to get their attention, or conduct a poll open to all your colleagues to gauge the common consensus on particular matter, similar to Twitter.

2) Organised- We tend to internalise our surroundings- if our files and documents are all over the place, our mind reflects this and tends to be more scattered. When everything is housed under one roof we can think more clearly and therefore work more productively. Zoho Connect conveniently allows you to upload and manage documents, pictures and presentations to one area, whilst encouraging organisation with a ‘My Events’ tab, integrating a calendar option so you know where you have to be and when!

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Freedom: Technology means we can work remotely, anytime, anywhere.


3) Flexible These days lots of people in all sorts of industries  work on the go, from home or remotely.  Zoho Connect can be accessed via native iPhone and Android apps on smartphones too so projects don’t get put on hold if you’re out of the office. Instead, you can resume working remotely, interacting with your colleagues, providing your valued input making the overall process more streamlined and efficient.

4) Transparency- Openness is key to a happy working environment and your colleagues will value being trusted. You can share documents with your colleagues so everyone can work on them in real-time and get instant feedback. You can also make use of forums and chat rooms to discuss strategy and business plans, as well as conducting private messages with colleagues working on the same project as you, so you don’t spam other co-workers with messages relating to something that isn’t relevant to them.

5) Potential- If you find Zoho Connect doesn’t quite do what you need it to do you can always customise and tweak it. With Zoho Creator being integrated with Zoho Connect, you can build apps tailored to your business’ needs. You can also design a bespoke workflow for your business, which is basically an automated business work process so everyone knows what’s expected of them and by which deadline!

Just like the old Orange ‘I am’ advertising campaign’s tagline ‘I am Who I Am Because of Everyone,’ Zoho Connect allows us to be with colleagues and, in turn, lets us boost each other up and bounce business changing ideas off one another.

For a more comprehensive description of the features of Zoho Connect that is still easily digestible and simple to follow click here.

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