Freedom – How do you define freedom in business?

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Is it about being able to pick and choose the hours that you work, being able to invest time into the hobbies and interests that you love or is it about having the potential to create as much or as little income as you choose.

Is business freedom about creating the business of your dreams, to be autonomous, to have no one to answer to but yourself.

Or perhaps freedom is about building a team and supporting them in a way that you always wanted to, but never could when you were working for someone else.

Every business owner that we meet has their own definition of what business freedom means to them.

However, creating a business that runs when you’re not there has to be the number one goal of any business owner. Even those running a lifestyle business want to take a holiday now and again.

Being truly free in business means that you can operate it from anywhere and at times without you being there.

We believe that systems can bring you business freedom in a way that nothing else can.

No goal can be achieved without a system behind it. Whether that be keeping in touch, identifying opportunities, managing priorities or getting the cash in, somewhere along the way, if you want to succeed, you will need a system.

We know that each step towards business freedom will involve a system of some kind and we spend every single day exploring how systems can underpin any business freedom journey.

So how do you begin your journey to business freedom?

We recommend that you begin by defining what freedom means to you and consider where you already have it and where it is missing.

Once you have your definition of freedom and you have congratulated yourself on where you already have it, focus in on where it is missing. Start there.

Reflect closely on what is keeping you tied to your desk, what you are doing when you find yourself burning the midnight oil, notice what is falling through the gaps with your team, think about where you want everything to just flow more smoothly.

Make a note of any “If only I had a way to….” thoughts, they are usually a good sign of where a system could support you.

That is a great time to call us, when through conversation, we will discover even more ways that you can move towards total business freedom and more importantly, let you know how systems can create that freedom for you.

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