From Filofax to Freedom Pt5 – Festive Efficiency


I wanted to share a mini post about how using the system is already having a positive impact on my ability to connect with my clients efficiently and effectively.

My business has grown over the last 12 months and I am blessed to have more clients than I did at this time last year. I wanted to send out Christmas cards to them and thought that this would be a good test of the filters that are within Zoho. bigstock-Christmas-Illustration-of-Sant-38778151Small

Within my CRM it is possible for me to set filters and group together batches of connections, in this case clients, within seconds I had a list of clients that I could send a card to.

From this list I could whizz in and out of the contact info, which meant my card writing time was super fast, bonus!

As I am still finding my way around the system, I was also able to use it as an opportunity to fill in the gaps of the client data, for example where I hadn’t provided address data I could see instantly and was able to update.

I could also add in key words to identify their core offerings and some notes about my relationship with them. It was a good self training exercise!

As my client list continues to grow it is good to know I can easily see everything related to those clients all in one place.

And less time writing cards means more time connecting with potential new clients!

Merry Christmas 🙂


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