From Filofax to Freedom Pt7 – Respecting My Income


I’ve been steadily using Zoho CRM now for a couple of months, one thing that Paula and I touched on in my training session was other tools I may want to include in the future. From what I had learnt in my early conversations with Paula, Zoho Books could be a useful tool.


I am my accounts department, short of the full company accounts I do everything else myself. I keep my own books, recording ins and outs, I invoice, I pay out!

Close up on a file tab with the word invoice and a note where it is handwritten unpaid with blur effect. Concept image for illustration of unpaid invoices recovery.

Now I wasn’t 100% organized with this, but I did have a system, I used excel to log income/expenditure and I created invoices in word and PDF’d them – not very slick!

There were other accounting packages that I had been told about but I thought it would be cool to have everything in one place and for less than a couple of bottles of wine a month Zoho Books was a simple add on to my package.


I love it!


Let me be blunt, this package makes me want to win new clients purely so that I can press that little button that says save and send!


Firstly, every client in your CRM is already set up within books, although if you are working with larger companies, you do need to make sure you have the accounts contact set up in your org information, just so your invoice is emailed to the person that pays!


I loved that I didn’t have to worry about importing contacts or anything like that.


Also you can set up products, for me I don’t have “products” so much, but there are regular items I invoice for such as retainers or strategy sessions, so products in a different guise, you can create these items and attach a price to them so that they automatically add in.


You can design your template easily just by clicking on different fields that you want to include, such as VAT or no VAT or discount codes….


I struggled to get my logo on neatly, so this is something for the helpdesk, but at least I know there is one.


Another fab feature, although again I need some support to get it working properly, is that I can link my bank account to the books.


Implementing Zoho Books has absolutely reduced the amount of time I spend on invoicing and it so easy I really am addicted to doing more of it!

savings, finances, economy and home concept - close up of man with calculator counting money and making notes at home

When it comes to respecting my income, I love that I can see what all my outstanding invoices are at a glance and I can also run reports eventually to pass on to an accountant so that year end accounts and the dreaded tax return will be super simple.


I haven’t yet begun to use Zoho Books to track my expenses yet, that is coming soon, so will I update you when that happens!


In the meantime I’m off to process some invoices 😉



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