If only you had Zoho Card Scanner App…

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A few weeks ago I shared the wonders and convenience of the Zoho Card Scanner App in a blog post, outlining how small business owners simply have to snap a picture of a contact’s business card and the clever app accurately populates the correct fields in the virtual business card contact on your phone within the app.

The neat and nifty application’s wow factor then comes into play when you are welcomed by an option of saving the valuable contact info as either a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system ‘lead’ or ‘contact’. Another powerful feature of the software includes being able to call, or email your new contact directly from the app on your phone- handy if you’re in a rush as most SME owners are!

Francie Black explores the different aspects of the genius app in the ABC News video below.

Now existing customers of Creative Analysis and new clients alike will get the vibe that we’re not the lamenting kind, or ones for the wasteful ‘what ifs?’ and ‘if only’s’. Instead we operate and thrive on a positive outlook. As we want you to be able to do the same, we thought we’d make one little exception and share with you the ‘what-if?’/’if only’ of one of our successful clients.

The Business Hub, based in Brighouse, is a company still in its infancy, currently in the chaotic and exciting throes of launching their new website and business venture. Their team are a dynamic bunch, with their Director, Business Growth Coach Paul Simpson, a native salesmen, being a huge fan of BNI (Business Network International) events and has recently accompanied one of their clients to Spring Fair tradeshow at The NEC in Birmingham. In short, he is an all-round lover of networking. In fact, The Business Hub as a whole is. Specialising in helping SMEs bring about transformation in their businesses through group coaching and group seminars, if The Business Hub were a person it would certainly be a ‘people person!’

The Business Hub, case study

In a bid to get their contacts in order as part of launching their new enterprise, staff at The Business Hub spent about three to four painstaking hours they will never get back imputing the data of stacks of clients’ and contacts’ cards that has been garnered over the last few years into their system. This exercise was by no means a waste of time but simply could have been done more wisely. Instead of tackling some 300 plus cards in one mammoth task what if each Business Hub staff member had had Zoho Card Scanner app on their mobile phones, able to upload contacts to their CRM on the go at networking events in real time?

If only they had utilized the Zoho app they would have spent their valuable time and talents doing what they do best: nurturing and developing business growth in others and generating a profit for their own company. If only they had discovered Zoho Card Scanner App…

Tempted to embrace the convenience of Zoho Card Scanner App and make your business networking seamless, simple and smooth? Tempted not to be fall into the ‘what if?/’if only’ trap? If you never want to lose/forget a contact’s details again you can buy the Zoho Card Scanner App from Google Play for a modest 78p or purchase it from iTunes for your iPhone at just $99.

‘What ifs?’ aren’t necessarily bad-they open our imaginations up to more ideas. It’s ignoring these potentially beneficial ideas that results in them being regretful ‘if only’s. Don’t let keeping track of your business contacts become an ‘if only’ situation!

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