From Filofax to Freedom Pt9 – Tasking Up!


Ok, I have never been one for to do lists, I’m a very in the moment kind of person. This means quite often the best way to get me to do something is to get me to do it there and then before I have left the room. Clearly this isn’t how clients would like to work with me and is not great business sense for someone who wants business freedom!

So initially tasks wasn’t a feature that I thought I would use and yet I have now realised how it can support me to offer a more efficient service for my clients and (more importantly?) enable me to shake off that ever present “should I be doing something?” feeling.

I realised I could do something I recommend to all of my clients – become proactive not reactive, yeah baby!

So how does this magic occur?

Quite simple really, you can add a task from within an organisation or a specific contact – which is great if you work with organisations that have more than one contact for you to work with.

It’s right there in the page “Add a new task”

You can put a subject, assign a priority, set a deadline, set a reminder and add a little bit of detail about the task. It takes very little time and then every time I go to my home page I see all my open tasks.

Woman profile: confusionSo real world example;

I have a memory like a sieve. I had a monthly conference call with a client yesterday and there was a magazine that I think that they could submit pieces to, the mag does a forward features list and releases synopsis once a month for tenders to be submitted against.

It should have gone on the mags site yesterday but hadn’t, so I said I would check today, I decided to use a task with email reminder.

Lo and behold it popped up in my email this morning and I realised that I had completely forgotten about it, so I probably wouldn’t have done it until I remembered two days later, I know shocking, but I promised full disclosure!!

More than this you can even assign Next Steps and Key Notes to a client, so when I have a meeting I can now the most important next step, plus the core bullet references and get them assigned and visible, no more scrapping about in notebooks (I have a notebook fetish and can never find the right one to refer back to).

SO there it is, Tasks, Next Step and Key Notes are where it is at!


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