From Filofax to Freedom Pt8 – Letting Go Of Organising


The thing about gaining time freedom is that you need to know what to let go of.

When I had my training for my Zoho CRM I didn’t immediately apply everything that I had been shown, it’s not that it isn’t possible to immediately apply everything, it’s just my brain chose not to!

As I go through my daily work I just crack on as I used to in most areas, every now and again though the thought pops into my mind of “would my CRM make this task easier?”

I had one of those flashes of inspiration this morning, it’s Monday, anything to make the day easier is good by me!

I was trying to find an email that a client had sent me a month or so ago and so instinctively went to my email folder and went into my labelled emails for that client. I had a moment where I remembered something about being able to see contact emails under their CRM file so I thought actually, I’ll go there instead.

When I got to my contact I noticed that I couldn’t see her emails and quickly realised it was because I hadn’t connected her email address to her file. I added in her email address and immediately a concise list of emails popped up. SUPER QUICK!Laptop Typing Hands

It made me realise that I don’t need to label and file every email that I want to keep under a separate client label because I can see them all in here, I know it sounds geeky but on a real simple level that’s a couple of seconds of precious time per email reallocated to something more valuable!

I spotted that her mobile wasn’t in so added that too and noticed that now I have Zoho Books her invoice status also shows up – everything in one place! It’s awesome!

From here I can also add notes and tasks really easily. I’m having a call later with her so I will be using that then.

Basically what this has shown me is that I can begin to tidy my mind and allow the system to do the administrative work, I don’t need to be the organiser, the system is, if I allow it.

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