Summer News: Sunny Collaboration With KulaHub

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We hope you’re having a great summer! Here at Creative Analysis we’re huge fans of how the right online tools and systems can enable savvy freelancers, entrepreneurs, business owners and their teams to be free to work from wherever they choose and to break free from the traditional- now outdated- 9-5 grind. We love how the right digital platforms can make hardworking people completely and utterly Location Independent.

Being Location Independent comes in really handy in the sunny season. If you want to work outside during the summer, or work in a more relaxed setting to reflect your more laid back summertime mood, and hold meetings in places like coffee shops, you can! All you need is the Wi-Fi code, a good brew, an even better business contact, the right system and away you go!

Location Independent, CRM
Freedom: The right online tools and systems can make you Location Independent when you work!


But how do you choose the right system and online tools for you?

Well you may have read that we big advocates of Zoho CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and all its assorted platforms: Zoho Books, Zoho Mail and Zoho Connect. But this, while partly true, isn’t the entire picture. At Creative Analysis we enjoy helping match the right digital system to the client, tailored to their needs and preferences. Zoho CRM isn’t for everybody and to be fair it isn’t the only CRM system out there.

That’s why we’re really happy to share with you a gem of summertime company news: We can now count KulaHub, a UK based CRM provider among our partners. This positive news means we can now offer clients even more options, having links to both Zoho, PandaDoc, as discussed in our previous blog post, and now KulaHub!


KulaHub, CRM, Email Marketing
User friendly: KulaHub is cloud based meaning you can be Location Independent!


What is KulaHub?

In a nutshell KulaHub is a cloud-based CRM solution- so it can be accessed from anywhere on any device meaning the user is totally- and brilliantly- Location Independent. Boasting many of the efficient and helpful features of a CRM, keeping all your businesses’ details and info it needs to operate in one place, including integrating with all your social media channels, easily adding notes, files and reminders for colleagues and clear tracking of task and project progress, KulaHub is renowned for its user-friendly approach.

You only have to look a KulaHub’s testimonials as evidence of how easy the layout, interface and overall system is to pick up. It’s simple, which means your business life is simple. The user reviews also give glowing praise of the system’s effective email marketing campaign features, which allow you to send bulk emails, easily segmenting your contact information, create stylish, professional looking designs, and monitor the progress and success of each mailshot.

Personally I tend to find that where one system is slightly more lacking or doesn’t fit my needs at a given time, another system can fill the void and pick up the slack. It’s a similar scenarios with KulaHub and Zoho. KulaHub is great for event booking and management such as organising open days and workshops, whilst Zoho can be better for other functions.

There no doubt that both systems help nudge that potential lead further down the sales funnel to being a fully fledged client. To discuss what would be the best CRM for you and your business get in touch with us today and we’d be happy to help! 


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