Keep Your Friends Close And Your Business Contacts Closer…

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Opportunities: Keeping in touch with business contacts can help you grow


Are you guilty of not keeping in touch with family friends, extended family, old colleagues, or school mates? We all love our family and friends but sometimes life gets busy and sadly touching base with them falls down our priority list.

Occasionally we’re lucky enough to find friends who are understanding and we can easily pick up where we left off with them, even though it’s been years since we saw them and perhaps months since a phone call or text.

Other times not keeping in touch can break a friendship. When a relationship is purely a professional one, not communicating with your contact can lead to lack of respect and being forgotten about.

Nurturing business contacts, whether that be via face-to-face networking, social media, email or phone, has a whole host of benefits.

Not only can keeping in regular contact help you identify opportunities to nudge potential clients further through your sales funnel as we highlighted in our blog post a few week ago, it can keep you and your business at the forefront of prospective’s minds.

Advantages of keeping in touch aren’t just limited to business boosting motives. It’s polite, can be inspiring, sparking great partnerships, collaboration and ideas for projects, influential, interesting and most of all…fun! Getting to know and hearing from your contacts about what they’ve been up to is enjoyable.

Earlier last month we tweeted (below) how communication doesn’t have to be one sided with ‘me, me, me’ as the main motive. It can be a great opportunity to give something too.



This ‘giving’ element can be anything- a blog post or email with original and helpful tips on growing a business, insights into how your successful business got to where it is, discounts, free video tutorials on how to best use your product, telling your contacts about exciting local or national business/industry news that might affect them, anything!

While you might smell a subtle sales strategy brewing here, you’ll be amazed at how much your contacts will appreciate something uplifting and free that makes their lives easier, enlightens them or just makes them smile.

Just ask prominent networker, and client of ours, Will Kintish. It was him who prompted our tweet. As a well-known provider of professional development training, Will understands the value of keeping in touch- so much so that he built a successful business on filling the gap in the market for professionals to become more confident networkers.

Paula’s advice allowed him to also recognise the importance of ‘keeping contacts warm’ by sending them handy hints via email campaigns rather than trying to sell them something.

Will knows you have to keep in contact to keep most people interested. You need to give to get. Will gave and he got a reply from an old client.


But how do we find time and the right platform to keep in contact with so many business contacts?


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Wide reach: While Zoho Connect allows teams to collaborate internally, Zoho Email Campaigns allows you to keep in touch with all those who matter to your business!


Similar to MailChimp but with the advantages of being integrated with the rest of your CRM system- and your contacts- Zoho Email Campaigns allows you to efficiently customize, design and personalize professional looking mailshots.

You can even include features that ‘add comments’ to encourage customer feedback and more interaction and set up ‘chain campaigns’ to follow up on recipients who didn’t open your previous email.

We know it’s not possible to grab a business lunch with all your contacts, but Zoho Email Campaigns allows you to reach the right people and generously give in a speedy, measured, organised and creative way.

So what are you waiting for? Touch base with your contacts old and new today!

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