Our New PandaDoc Partnership Paves the Way to Productivity!

How often do you leave work and wish you’d been more productive that working day? For quite a few of us not getting through much of our ‘to-do’ list or feeling like we don’t achieved much day-to-day can bug us…a lot. Our new partner PandaDoc can help.

The solution? Find a new system, a new way of operating. But with so many systems out there, what’s the right answer? We’d recommend PandaDoc. It’s their mission to “empower businesses and individuals to lead paperless, productive work lives” and it’s the fact that the company want “you to focus on being great at what you do, not font sizes and margins” that make their product stand out for me and my team.

If you’re wondering how they achieve this impressive efficiency and up their  clients’ productivity levels, they do it in a lot of different ways. The main way, though, is by helping users’ create more modern smarter online documents- including contracts, payment forms, proposals and error free price quotes-  so sales, (or finance or HR teams) teams- can close deals faster and save time…and paper!



If you’ve read any of our previous blog posts (thanks for reading if you have!) you’ll know we’re huge fans of CRMs. They’re what we do. PandaDoc handily merges contract templates with CRM data, like integrating with your CRM contacts. This nifty contract management cuts the cost per contract and shortens the contract turnaround and confirmation times.

It’s not just CRMs that PandaDoc cleverly interacts with. It has the ability to incorporate cloud storage platforms like Dropbox and saves you time. You can produce, send and sign all admin and important documents from within your CRM- and avoid switching between different apps.


Integration, Zoho, CRM, PandaDoc
Match Made in Heaven: PandaDocs can cleverly integrate with your CRM system, including Zoho!


Sound good? Thought so! It gets better. Documents can be securely e-signed with legally binding signatures, protected with solid 256-bit SSL encryption for those speedy sales closures. PandaDoc also understands that we all access work on mobile these days so the software allows documents to be signed via mobile platforms and receive a notification every time your document is opened, read, or signed. You can even view detailed stats on how the person you sent your document to interacted with it!

You’ll also probably know that we’re huge fans of collaborating, as it usually leads to better results. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we’re now partnering with PandaDocs! We’re thrilled to be able to offer more innovative online products to complement Zoho CRMs systems and offer more value to our clients. We reckon our clients will love composing highly professional proposals and documents with analytics on recipients interacting with those documentations and e-signing, all from their mobiles too!

Believing it’s good to practice what you preach, we’re actually now transitioning from using some of our standard PDF documentation, for example, Terms and Conditions, NDAs and  Product Documents, to get them all into PandaDoc as online templates to use with all of our clients and partners.

So watch this space as we enhance Zoho for our clients with this very exiting software and collaboration and increased productivity unfold!


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