Mobile Working – Impromptu Coffee

As I sit here with my cup of coffee relaxing after another vibrant networking event I realise how free I actually am from being tied to the office…

coffee-692560_640I have my office right here with me – behind my mobile phone is a system that allows me to catch up on all of my clients, projects, emails, tasks, invoicing and even scanning the cards of the new people I’ve met straight into my CRM system.

It’s so easy to access everything that I need because I’ve got my systems and processes set up to serve me wherever I go and whenever I choose to work, from my phone, tablet or laptop. Anything is possible.

ipad-712423_640 2I believe in reducing the effort and admin and breaking away from the office desk shackles.

I let my all-in-one CRM system run my business for me so I can enjoy my impromptu coffee in relaxing coffee shops with the sunshine all around….

You can achieve this in your business with the right tools, if you want to find out exactly how give us a call. It’s free and it can include coffee 🙂 01484 307066


Working from a coffee shop

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