Organisation: The Secret to Long Term Success

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People generally fall into two camps when it comes to organisation. They’re either very uber-organised or else completely scatterbrained, scraping through, meeting (or missing!) deadlines just in the nick of time.

When it comes to whether we want to be organised we fall into one black- and-white camp: we all want to be organised. Why wouldn’t you?

Being more organised= feeling being more prepared=feeling less nervous=being more confident in a meeting or presentation or working more productively on that creative project- a win-win sequence to success!

Instead of letting our little green-eyed monster enviously eye-ball those super methodical, ordered and ‘well-put together’ people, why not try and take steps to emulate their organisational skills? How? By taking the time and effort to get a reliable system in place to make you more efficient and effective in the long-run.

organised, Zoho, CRM
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Business success best-selling author Brian Tracy states on his blog that: “As much as 30 percent of working time today is spent looking for misplaced items.” Tracy alludes to the fact that these lost items weren’t filed properly in the first place, hence why they are tricky to find and a staggering amount of valuable work time is wasted.

Tracy advises everyone to have a basic filing system, at least having things in alphabetical order. As fans of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, such as Zoho, we reckon you can take that many steps further.

Zoho CRM, like many other similar integrated digital systems, allows you to list all your contacts’ details, such as their website, contact details and company name, under their account name. Your ‘accounts’ can then be ordered alphabetically, arranged by most ‘recently added’ or however you like.

Further organisation is also available by being able to sort contacts into ‘leads’, ‘potentials’ and ‘accounts’ meaning you know which contact requires your time and effort to convert from a lead to a client/account!

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CRM systems like Zoho can help you bring other ‘old school’ organisational tips you’ve heard lots of times before into today’s modern world. The traditional ‘to-do’ list can be created within ‘activities’ on your CRM. Whats-more, you’re able to update what stage a task is at, so instead of it being labelled ‘done’ or ‘not done’ you can give a job labels, such as ‘in-progress’ or ‘waiting on someone else’ and give it a priority rating.

Other apps and nifty tools that integrate with Zoho CRM, such as Zoho Card Scanner App, allow you to feel more prepared and organised at network events and conferences.

Instead of looking flustered as you juggle lots of business cards you collect throughout the event, you can look smooth and savvy by seamlessly snapping a photo of the business card you wish you keep and save it in the convenient card scanner app or add them as leads or contacts to your integrated CRM on the go.

See our blog post Scan Your Way to Success and Simplicity! for more ways on how the app can boost your organisation.

By choosing to organise and prioritise, you can optimise, energise and revolutionise the way you work. Ok, a bit too OTT with the rhyming but being efficient and prepared means you’re more what are you waiting for get yourself organised!

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