Unite Your Business Resources in 2017

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Same-Page: Using integrated systems to unite & utilise your business resources & information keeps your team on the same wavelength!


Don’t you think business life is better united? Being on the same page as a client to help them achieve their goals through your services, being on a similar wave length to your team, sharing the same values as your business investors, mentors or partners, you name it, business, and life in general, is brighter and better united.

We’re huge fans of leveraging neat technology and savvy online tools to enable business owners and entrepreneurs like you to enjoy having business freedom, the ability to work remotely and be location independent.

With the festive season in full swing (we don’t delay the celebrations here at Creative Analysis!) everyone will be united in celebrating Christmas, well at least we hope they will be; united in festive parties, Yuletide meals and all-round seasonal fun.

So why not unite your team and business behind utilising resources that are right on your doorstep and under your businesses’ nose?

If you’ve invested in a CRM to help streamline your business and get all your systems and information more organised, chances are there’s a bounty of tools you can tap into as CRMs are great at being integrated systems– they play really well with other online applications and platforms!

It’s likely that your CRM has many ‘in-house add-ons’ and ‘extras’. Zoho CRM has many additional features and software that work in great synergy with the core CRM to complement the a businesses’ overall user experience with it.  Zoho Books for accounting, Zoho Connect for collaborating, Zoho Card Scanner App for on-the-go networking, Zoho Invoices and Zoho Projects to organise those creative ideas and facilitate handy team communication are all great examples.

It’s not just internal resources that can be utilised and united when it comes to CRMs. Other external nifty tools like PandaDoc are famous for integrating smoothly with a CRM system like Zoho. In this case, PandaDoc helpfully merges contract templates with CRM data, for instance consolidating and harmonizing with your CRM contacts. The result? Cost-per-contract is cut and contract turnaround and confirmation times are shortened!


business resources, unite, integrated systems, CRM, Zoho, business improvements
Integrated systems: Uniting other business resources with your CRM keeps your team in sync with each other as they work!


It isn’t just CRMs that make great integration partners. PandaDoc cleverly incorporates Cloud Storage platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive to save you time, as do the array of online application and tools out there all to make your team kings and queens of efficiency!

Although we’re all for diversity and individuals within a team having different approaches and ideas, if we were a football team we’d probably be ‘Utilising Resources United!’ By uniting all your business resources into one platform and making use of integrated systems, your business information- contacts, invoices etc- become united too.

When you take advantage of integrated systems, not only do you have uniformity within your business, but logic, productivity and organisation too. Why use Mailchimp for your email marketing campaigns when you can use Zoho Campaigns in perfect cohesion with your existing Zoho CRM system?

If you’re already using a CRM, it’s not likely to cost you much more to upgrade to using one of their ‘in-house add-on’ integrated features…plus if you have problems with your one integrated feature you can always ask your systems provider’s customer service staff about another issue you might have encountered with another integrated feature, with them both being linked.


unite, business resources, CRM, integrated systems, Zoho, business improvement
Resolution: Unite your business resources with integrated systems like CRMs in the new year!


Using integrated systems also has the bonus of your team all being on the same level, all receiving the same information and documentation and output from your business is consistent. By being united in utilising the same resources, your team can work in harmony remotely from different locations if needs be, whilst still collaborating.

You may not stick to your no chocolate or exercise New Year’s resolution, but if you do one new thing in 2017 for your business, take a step back with your team and review the business resources your currently use.

Are there any ‘add-ons’ or easily integrated platforms you could use in easy conjunction with your existing applications? Are there any readily available resources you’re not tapping into?

Make life easier in the new year and unite your systems and business!

How do you unite your business and/or its systems? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!


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