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ONTRAPORT, integrated systems, business, business freedom, automated marketing
What if you could put all your business eggs in one basket?


Have you ever been immobilized by indecision? Dithered for ages over which bank to place your savings in, ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ over which film to watch or music to listen to, wavered over which item of clothing to buy, only to falter even more when confronted with the vast abundance of clothing choice that’s available online once your unlock your phone or open your laptop?

Whilst competition amongst banks and clothing brands and even artists is necessary (not least because it spices things up a bit!), and we’re all for the freedom of choice here at Creative Analysis- we’re especially big fans of Business Freedom- sometimes there is just too much choice these days. Too much to choose from can actually be counterproductive.

Online tools and systems are what we’re all about at Creative Analysis and we particularly enjoy how they have the power to break down barriers and help the many talented, creative and driven individuals and small teams out there get their small enterprises online and magnify their message, promote their product/service and reach the right customers.

But wouldn’t it be nicer, quicker, easier and simpler to have all your business eggs in one basket?

Right now you might use say, Buffer for your social media scheduling, MailChimp for your email marketing campaigns, WordPress, an accounting system, project management platform and the list goes on. If the multiple tabs you have open on your laptop and several login details you have to remember aren’t enough of an initial stress, getting your different systems to integrate and talk to one another, an ability you originally thought was genius, proves to be even trickier.

Mastering lots of different online software is challenging when operating online doesn’t come naturally to you and when you ring customer services for help, not only are you likely to have to wait for ages on hold only to be past form pillar to post, but you’ll have to ring several other customer help teams to get assistance and advice on how to use the other online sales and marketing systems your business uses.

If one system updates, the other integrated software are no longer compatible and if you want to enhance your methods of marketing, sales and reaching clients, it’s more expensive as you have to upgrade your systems across the board. In short: Grrrrr an all round nightmare!

Can you relate? If you can, wouldn’t it be easier to take the best bits of each of the systems you use and keep all your online business software under one trusty umbrella?

ONTRAPORT, integrated systems, business, business freedom, automated marketing
Wouldn’t it be easier to take the best bits of each of the systems you use and keep all your online business software under one trusty umbrella?


A seamless, efficient, user-friendly system we know of that can serve as this umbrella is ONTRAPORT.  Megan Monroe writes a brilliant blog post on the ‘All in One Revolution’ that ONTRAPORT can help bring about for you to transform your business operations, with not having to deal with the nightmare and unpleasantness outlined above being just one of the benefits.

A firm favourite for us is ONTRAPORT’s automated marketing which is programmed to follow-up every lead for you via a tailored emails, phone calls, personalised direct mail postcards and even bespoke SMS messages on a schedule that you programme. Flexible and specific segmentation rules ensure you send the right messages to the right people on the channels you wish.

Another ONTRAPORT gem is their advanced email marketing sequences in the form of ONTRAmail that helps you effortlessly manage your lists of contacts and automate responsive, engaging, clickable and all round ace email campaigns. There may be no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to business, but ONTRAPORT does a pretty good job!

Imagine all the customers you’d retain by keeping them happy by not forgetting to contact them or sending them the wrong information. Picture all the time you could spend meeting and collaborating with new individuals, creating new products/services/content and growing your business, taking it a step closer to Business Freedom- when you don’t have to spend time learning how to use lots of different systems and trying to make them work harmoniously with one another…

…Now stop daydreaming about it and start doing it! Contact us to help you find the ONE all encompassing seamless system for your business today!

What systems and online tools are you and your team fans of? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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